Lesly Águila and her emotional birthday message dedicated to her deceased twin sister

Lesly Águila and her emotional birthday message dedicated to her deceased twin sister
Lesly Águila and her emotional birthday message dedicated to her deceased twin sister

Lesly Águila celebrates her birthday and does not forget her deceased twin sister. | Composition/Infobae/Instagram Lesly Águila

Lesly Águila, the talented and charismatic member of Corazón Serrano, thrilled her followers by commemorating her 30 years of life with a tribute to his twin sister, who died many years ago. After being surprised by her bandmates during one of her concerts, the young woman decided to share a message from her on social media.

In his post, he poured out his emotions remembering his family member who is no longer here and others who have also passed away. “Welcome 30 years! Wow! How quickly time passes. First of all, happy birthday to my twin sister in heaven”, wrote the interpreter.

“Without a doubt, everything I have had to go through over the years has been worth it,” added the artist, touching the most sensitive fibers of her followers.

Lesly Águila’s birthday message. | instagram

The message soon went viral, accumulating thousands of reactions and supportive comments. Lesly, who has always been transparent with her fans, did not hide the mix of feelings he experienced on his birthday.

In addition to her twin sister, she also fondly remembered her grandmother and other family members who have influenced her life. “Every step I take, I do it thinking about them.” and in everything they taught me,” he added.

On the other hand, he did not miss the opportunity to thank his followers for the unconditional support and affection they have given him throughout his career. “Despite the years, her support remains firm,” said the young woman, who has earned a special place in the hearts of many Peruvians.

Lesly Águila turned 30 on June 17. | instagram

Although this tribute was especially emotional, it is not the first time that Lesly Águila shares intimate details of his life. On a previous occasion, the artist had revealed on Instagram that she had a twin sister who died due to medical negligence.

“I bet many people don’t know: I am a twin, yes gentlemen, I am a twin, but my sister died due to medical negligence… yes, I had my sister,” she confessed in one of her videos, causing surprise and empathy among her fans.

Lesly Águila sang to her sister in the past. | Diffusion

This tragic loss became a great source of strength for the young woman, who through her music has achieved honor the memory of Luz Katerine Águila Córdoba. The artist continues with her career, inspiring many with her story and showing that, despite difficulties, you can always find a reason to continue fighting.

Last Monday, June 17, Corazón Serrano’s concert was filled with emotion and celebration. Lesly Águila, the beloved singer of the famous Peruvian cumbia group, turned 30 and her colleagues did not miss the opportunity to surprise her on stage.

From the beginning of the show to the end, the night was magical. With the young performer as the protagonist, her colleagues feted her in front of the public.

At one point, the group stopped the music to celebrate. With a cake decorated with bright candles, the members of Corazón Serrano surrounded Lesly and sang the song to her. “Happy Birthday”.

Lesly Águila celebrated her 30th birthday with Corazón Serrano. | TikTok

Between laughter and tears of emotion, she blew out the candles accompanied by her friends and colleagues. Kiara Lozano, Susana Alvarado, Briela Cirilo, Milagritos Díaz and Yrma Guerrero Neira.

The moment was so special that the band decided to share it on their official TikTok account, where they can be seen very grateful and moved by the affection of their colleagues and the public, who did not stop applauding and singing their best wishes.

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