Jefferson Farfán is preparing another million-dollar business, according to Ric La Torre

Jefferson Farfán is preparing another million-dollar business, according to Ric La Torre
Jefferson Farfán is preparing another million-dollar business, according to Ric La Torre

Jefferson Farfán would be thinking about investing in a new million-dollar business. (Photo: Diffusion)

The ex-footballer Jefferson Farfan He continues to surprise audiences with his business skills. This time, the content creator Ric La Torre revealed on the show ‘America Today’ that ‘Foquita’ is about to launch a new million-dollar project to continue increasing her fortune.

During the last edition of the program America TV, the tiktoker was one of the panelists invited to discuss the most prominent figures in local entertainment. In the course of the conversation, details emerged about the new shopping center that the former soccer player will open soon. However, La Torre did not stop there and shared news that surprised everyone.

According to the Peruvian influencer, Jefferson Farfan is working on launching her own clothing line, thus entering the textile industry with a focus on urban fashion. “I think that the clothes he is going to launch are more stylish, more urban, oversized,” said La Torre, anticipating the type of garments that future clients of the now businessman could expect.

For now, the exact date on which this new venture will be officially announced is unknown. However, it is speculated that the launch of the clothing line could occur at the end of 2024. In addition, it is expected that the garments of this new brand will have a prominent place within the shopping center itself. Jefferson Farfan.

Ric La Torre, Peruvian communicator and tiktoker. Photo: Paula Elizalde / Infobae.

Jefferson Farfanformer Peruvian soccer player, has generated interest in the public when he met his participation in the construction of a new shopping center at kilometer 40 of the old Panamericana Sur highway. The program ‘America Today’ He released a part of the interview that did not come from Jefferson Farfán at the time, this is related to his new venture.

“Yes (I am dedicating myself to the business world), there are some little things. For five years I have been working in a field that I never imagined I would be in. I am going to launch something that you will find out very soon, it has to do with construction,” she said at the time.

Besides, Jefferson Farfan He revealed who encouraged him to undertake this new project in his life. “It was thanks to my mother actually, she was the visionary. She is one of the people who has always straightened me out when I have been thinking about other things. We have to think about the future, about the future of the children and the family,” he added.

The uncle of the popular ‘Foquita’ referred to the recent project of Doña Charo’s son. He was surprised by assuring that he was aware of this construction and wished him the best. | Panamericana

For the construction of this shopping center, Jefferson Farfan would have invested 55 million soles, which would give it the right to lease an area of ​​8,700 square meters within the mall. This significant investment reflects the former player’s commitment to the project, actively involving himself in the supervision of the work to ensure adequate use of his capital.

So far, it has not been confirmed whether Jefferson Farfán would be the sole owner of the so-called ‘Foquita Mall’ or would have more partners. However, a photo of the former soccer player supervising the work has come to light, generating greater expectations about the opening of the shopping center, which is scheduled for December 2024.

Jefferson Farfán gives details of his new project after leaving football. Composition infobae Peru

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