Jesse Pungaz is the champion of the third edition of Red Bull 5 Vidas

Jesse Pungaz is the champion of the third edition of Red Bull 5 Vidas
Jesse Pungaz is the champion of the third edition of Red Bull 5 Vidas

This Wednesday the world of freestyle experienced double comebacks: that of the Red Bull 5 Lives: 1 Champion and that of Papo to the energy drink competitions after six years.

But the Konex Cultural City spotlight was taken away Jesse Pungazthe current champion of the Red Bull Batalla 2023 National Final, who swept the Mar del Plata, the Spaniard Mnakto the Mexican Azuki and to Chilean The younger in this format. The juries also had a seal of international quality: they were Dtoke, Choque and Basek.

What does the modality consist of? It’s a free-for-all mixed with battle royale. Each of the five competitors has five lives, which they keep or lose depending on whether they win or are defeated. The battles, very dynamic and with a limited duration, are one versus one. The winner will be the last one left alive.

It is the third edition of this format created by Red Bull. Photo: Courtesy of the press

Another peculiarity of this format is that it bets more on the playful from the musical point of view: MCs can choose, with a limited number of opportunities, different beats that range from classic boombap and trap to dembow, 808, cumbia and electronica.

Accompanied by the hosting of Taty Santa Anathe DJ was Pacha One and the beats menu offered, for this occasion, 808, rock, boombap and reggaetón. In past editions there was also dembow and afrobeat.

The first day of 5 Lives: 1 Champion took place in the run-up to the 2023 International Battle Final, in Colombia. They participated Skone, Gazir, Aczino, Valles-T and Marithea, who won in a tight final against Asturias. The second had a happy ending for Argentina: Wick he took the gold after competing against Chuty, Jot, yoiker and Rapder.

Jesse Pungaz was the last competitor standing at the Ciudad Cultural Konex. Photo: Courtesy of the press

This 2024 Batalla faced the season with three regionals: Córdoba, Buenos Aires and Rosario. Three qualifiers emerged from each of them, who will join the National Final along with last year’s podium. Cobe, Luis Farías and Boom They will represent the city of Santa Fe; Jaff, Strong Monkey and Alexmine to Córdoba and CTZ, Exe and Stuart to Buenos Aires.

Due to their role in the last edition they are also classified Jesse Pungaz, Larrix, Nasir Catriel and Alkoy. The last three spots will be defined in the coming weeks in three underground competitions: Amsterdam Freein Mendoza, on the 30th of this month; Halabalusaon August 3, in Buenos Aires, and in the Elite Free on August 10 in Rosario.

Whoever is crowned champion of the National Battle Final will accompany Mecha as the Argentine representative in the International to be held at the end of the year in Spain.

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