I got shit… shot

I got shit… shot
I got shit… shot

“No, the furious ones first or Naty? Look who I’m with,” he says, pointing to the hotel employee. “Hello, ma,” says the young man. “It’s very good, he just gave me something beautiful. Look, my eye is still open and my asshole too, because they shot me, stupid, ‘fraud, fraud’… Listen, I’m going to send you a huge greeting. I’m not in ‘cry’ mode but this is going to make me cry, I mean, it’s ‘Cariñitos’, you understand, bitch?” Fury said.

And I add: “This is very big for me, seriously, because I don’t know everything I caused, they still haven’t given me my cell phone, I don’t understand anything.”day, and little by little people are coming closer to me, I understand the love they have. There is no such thing as ‘hate’ (hate, in English), this is set up so that we can give them work,” he said.

“When I have the cell phone, we will all be more in touch,” Juliana said goodbye, at the same time He thanked the ‘furious’ for being “these people and not the smell of ass, those who are surely vizcachas or bros”.

It should be noted that Furia is still isolated on the advice of psychologists, especially for having been without contact with the real world for more than six months. This prescription was and is intended for all participants of the reality show.

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