Gonzalo Feito’s misplaced question to Javier Bardem goes viral in the US

The former CQC note and host of Sin FiltrosGonzalo Feito, was once again the object of mockery and criticism on social networks after will viralize in the English-speaking world awkward moment who lived with the actor Javier Bardem in 2018.

The episode occurred within the framework of Cannes Film Festival, when Bardem was promoting his film “Everybody knows”, in which he shared a cast with his wife, the actress Penelope Cruz.

During the press conference held by the cast, the Chilean journalist approached the microphone and asked Bardem what it felt like to be the only man in the world who enjoys working with his wife.

Feito’s misplaced question was not received well by the Spanish actor, who responded that “the question is of tremendous lack of taste,” drawing applause from the audience present.

Feito, for his part, only managed to say “thank you so much” and left the place.

A viral that does not disappear

Although the awkward moment occurred in 2018, The record goes viral from time to time on social networks: in August 2022, after Feito mocked a routine of Fabrizio Copano during an Approve event, the comedian refloated the video and called him to be careful with pride:

«Is this the same one as (with 3 producers telling him what to say) Did he look like an idiot in front of Javier Bardem? Does he give life lessons? Beware of arrogance, son of a knife,” Copano said at the time.

On this occasion, the video went viral again after the Twitter account @TheCinesthetic, dedicated to film and television content, will publish it with the following comment: “Look at Javier Bardem’s response to the sexist question about working with his wife, Penélope Cruz ❤️.”

A couple of days after being published, the post added more than 5 million views, 4 thousand retweets and almost 40 thousand likes.

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