The funny gesture that Simone Ashley (Kate) had with Jonathan Bailey (Anthony) outside of ‘The Bridgertons’

Every season of ‘The Bridgertons’ It awakens different feelings in us, just like the fans who have given their opinion on Rotten Tomatoes about the best and worst, according to their opinion. The criticism specialist portal has published that for followers the second would be the weakest, although they continue to give it a good score. Anthony and Kate did not have it easy to compete with the Duke and Daphne, but to be fair, we loved the evolution of their relationship, that step from hatred to absolute love and how they ended up loving each other madly in season 3.

In this latest installment, the eldest of the Bridgertons and his wife, as expected, have had less weight within the plot centered on Colin and Penelope, but the truth is that they have also given us moments of passion, tenderness and complicity. that goes beyond the screen, as Simone Ashley (Kate) has shown when recounting the fun gesture she had with Jonathan Bailey outside the filming of what for many is one of the best Netflix series.


After their wedding, the characters announced that they would be parents, a detail that quite surprised the actress who found out in the most peculiar way and reacted like this, as she confessed: “I was getting on a plane, I was reading the script on my phone and I said: What? Oh God! But what is this? I took a screenshot, sent it to Jonny and he reacted the same way.”

We’re surprised they were so surprised, but we can’t stop thinking about that crazy moment of her putting on such a show before flying. At Cosmo we declare ourselves big fans of this couple in fiction and we hope that, even if they go to India for a while, they appear with their baby in season 4 of ‘The Bridgertons’ to give us another of their usual moments.

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