María Fernanda Callejón told how she bet on love again with Fernando Gamboa: “He is a life partner”

María Fernanda Callejón told how she bet on love again with Fernando Gamboa: “He is a life partner”
María Fernanda Callejón told how she bet on love again with Fernando Gamboa: “He is a life partner”

Maria Fernanda Callejon revealed how she returned to an old love (El Trece)

After his scandalous and media separation from Ricardo Diotto, María Fernanda Callejón He lives one of the happiest moments of his life. The actress knew how to overcome a strong crisis and for that reason she once again opted for love. With that happiness, the model spoke in Mirtha’s Night (The Thirteen) and counted How did your relationship begin? Fernando Gamboa.

“I met your partner the next day. “Were you dating? What is the story like?” Chiqui expressed asking her classic incisive question. Without much ado, Callejón responded: “We were boyfriends in the ’90s. What happens is that at that time there were no networks, there were no cell phones. It was all online. Now, he wrote to me on Instagram. “I always respond to my community.”

Maria Fernanda Callejon spoke about her separation from Ricky Diotto (El Trece)

While Gamboa watched behind the camera, Mirtha continued to inquire and asked him how he was doing, alluding to his separation with Diotto and the beginning of their new relationship: “Are you calmer?” After a few seconds of pause, Callejón responded: “Yes. You saw that Time accommodates everything. I am very calm, healing, but happy, accompanied”.

Thus, Legrand wanted to know if the actress lived with her boyfriend, but far from the answer that Mirtha expected, Callejón explained: “I don’t live with my boyfriend. He’s not my boyfriend. My daughter (Giovanna) says she is my boyfriend. But she is not. But black is a companion of life. I already got married, I already got married, I already separated. It’s really clear. I don’t like labels at this point in my life, it seems to me that what labels us conditions us. and I think we have to be.”

Fernando Gamboa, Fernanda Callejón’s current partner

Noticing the healing process that Callejón had done, and the value that her current relationship with the former soccer player had, the host asked her if she had had a hard time with their separation. “Yes, it was an unexpected moment. When he falls in love and gets married he does it for life, at that moment we were very well and in love. I do not know how to explain it. We women naturalize things that happen in our family for reasons of interest, which have to do with the family, and the family project,” the model highlighted at the table, which also included Leandro “el Chino” Leunis, Alfredo Leuco, and Noelia Marzol.

Surprised by what she was hearing, the driver delved into the topic: “But how can a person love you and suddenly the love ends and the aggression begins. She pushed you against a wall.” While she tried to remember the situations she experienced with her ex-partner, Callejón expressed: “Violence is framed in a word that we are only now delving into, before it was the blow. Sometimes the psychological violence, the blows, are not seen. Economic violence, things that one naturalizes. That was my alert (with the blow), because my daughter was there, we were in crisis, There was a chat that leaked that he was talking to another woman”.

At the end of last year, months after their separation, the ex-marriage was able to bring cordiality to their daily lives, especially for the well-being of Giovanna, the baby they had together. Was when The girl had the end of the year event at school and the two of them went to accompany her. The news emerged thanks to a publication on Callejón’s Instagram account who shared two photos of the moment for his more than one million followers.

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