At 78 years old, Mora Furtado exudes style with a look in the color that sets the trend this winter

During the 60’s Mora Furtado He began to chart a path in the world of fashion that has effects even today. She was only 18 years old when she was part of a runway show for Hermes and since then she hasn’t stopped.

The renowned panelist of “La Jaula de la Moda” worked side by side with Teresa Calandra, Evelyn Scheidl, Anamá Ferreyra and many renowned figures who were stars at that time. Currently Mora Furtado He also uses social media to stay up to date.

During his youth.

With the items that most characterize it, Mora Furtado It stands out with the combinations. Color blocking for her is a very personal way of dressing and that is why she encourages combinations such as fuchsia and red, important in this winter for example, or adds accessories that are extremely striking such as bows on the neck or flowers.

Without a doubt the personal brand of Mora Furtado It’s maximalism and demonstrates it with necklaces loaded with rhinestones, fur coats, exclusive handbags and the most vibrant colors. All this made the famous haute couture model something remarkable.

Another of the accessories that stand out the most Mora Furtado They are the sunglasses, she herself posted a photograph of the glasses collection on Instagram and you can see that she prefers them dark and oval or round. The bracelets are also very important that is why they have them in black or alpaca.

The Mora Collection.

Mora Furtado It does not lose its class and always remains original when putting together its combinations day after day. Silk dresses with colorful prints, white pants and vibrant blouses are the garments that most highlight this fashion icon personality of past decades.

Colors and more colors.

Mora’s wish

Before the pandemic, the radio columnist had an extremely hectic activity, she hosted shows and parades non-stop, however that stopped but the desire to do it again remains intact, “I was always a real woman and I think that is what attracts her.” to the people” he said in dialogue with “La Nación”.

During the recording of his fashion columns.

Regarding her lack of participation in entertainment programs, she was very sincere, Mora Furtado He confessed his discomfort in show business: “I don’t like getting involved in people’s lives or scandals, so I don’t see that there is a place to do something that has a certain cultural weight.”

Television doesn’t love me.

In his loft.

Currently, apart from his contributions in the world of fashion, Mora Furtado She spends her day-to-day life peacefully in her apartment, which was modified and turned into a loft: “I really like being at home, reading everything I can, and I’m interested in good movies. I’m also a fan of documentary and history channels that make me realize I know nothing. That’s why I always have something new to learn.”

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