Angie Arizaga and Jota Benz are looking for a new beginning with their future baby: “We are going to live in Canada”

Angie Arizaga and Jota Benz are looking for a new beginning with their future baby: “We are going to live in Canada”
Angie Arizaga and Jota Benz are looking for a new beginning with their future baby: “We are going to live in Canada”

Angie Arizaga and Jota Benz are getting ready for a journey of no return. | Composition/Infobae

Angie Arizaga and Jota Benz, one of the most beloved and followed couples on the show, have decided to make a resounding change in their lives. The former reality guys revealed to their followers that they will move to another country after the birth of her first child, venturing into a new stage in a calm and safe environment.

In a dynamic with their Instagram followers, they shared details about how they are preparing for this transition, including learn languages to facilitate their adaptation abroad.

Gino Assereto’s brother, known for his charisma and career in competition shows, recently opened a question and answer session on his social networks. It was here that he shared the exciting plans that he has with the mother of his future baby.

Angie Arizaga and Jota Benz do not reach an agreement on the name of their first baby

The couple announced the pregnancy in March, and since then they have been keeping their followers up to date with every step of this exciting journey.

During the interaction, a follower asked Jot about her son’s multilingual education, since he is fluent in Spanish, French and English. With enthusiasm, he responded that Angie He will be in charge of teaching you Spanish, while he will take care of the rest.

This response was accompanied by the revelation that they are planning to move to Canada, a country that the former reality guy knows well, having spent much of his childhood there. “Angie will take care of Spanish, I will take care of French and English, and we are going to live in Canada,” he answered.

Jota Benz and Angie Arizaga plan to live in Canada. | Capture/Instagram

This decision was not made lightly. The model commented with nostalgia and reflection on his past in the North American country. Although his childhood there was marked by hardship, this experience gave her insight into the opportunities she could offer his son.

On May 4, Jota Benz and Angie Arizaga organized a spectacular gender reveal party, an event that his followers were looking forward to. Among a select list of family and close friends, the couple finally discovered that they are expecting a boy.

The event was full of emotion: a smoke flare that, when it exploded and showed a bright light blue color, confirmed that they were having a boy.

The couple surprised two months ago by announcing their pregnancy. | instagram

Angie Arizaga and Jota Benz They have publicly shared the expectation of their first child, news that they both announced in May in an interview for the program ‘América Hoy’. The couple revealed that they are expecting a boy and, although they have marriage plans for the future, their current priority is to ensure the well-being of the baby.

During the conversation, the young woman commented that she is having a calm pregnancy and that she is focused on the health of her first-born. Gino Assereto’s brother, for her part, reaffirmed the need for her to spend her gestation period in optimal condition.

“We will tell you more details later, while we have to rest. They will find out on social media,” she said.

Angie Arizaga and Jota Benz reveal wedding plans amid preparations for the arrival of their first baby. | Composition/Infobae

The news of the little one’s sex generated great expectations among his followers. Additionally, both revealed that they have already decided what his name will be, but they prefer to keep it a secret for now.

In the interview, Arizaga also thanked her followers and friends for their support during this new stage, mentioning how special her first baby shower was, organized by her classmates. ‘The Great Celebrity Chef’.

It should be noted that Jota Benz He is known in the Peruvian media for his participation in reality shows such as ‘Welcome the afternoon’, where he was introduced as a relative of the also well-known Gino Assereto. Despite not sharing the same last name, they are brothers on their mother’s side.

Angie Arizaga: the influencer’s baby will not carry the last name Benz de Jota for a curious reason.

Angie Arizaga and Jota Benz have surprised their followers with the decision to register their future child with the father’s real surname, Benzaquéninstead of the stage name ‘Benz’.

The news has been unexpected for many, since both are recognized figures on Peruvian television, especially in reality programs.

Gino Assereto’s brother, whose real name is José Luis Benzaquén Carpenaadopted this name when entering the small screen and music, standing out in 2015 in the program ‘Welcome afternoon’ from Latin. Her brother is also a well-known figure in the community, although he does not share the same first surname because they are blood relatives on his mother’s side.

Angie Arizaga pregnant.

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