Martha Isabel Bolaños told how much she earns per repetition of Betty, la fea

Martha Isabel Bolaños told how much she earns per repetition of Betty, la fea
Martha Isabel Bolaños told how much she earns per repetition of Betty, la fea

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‘I am Betty the Ugly one‘is one of the most emblematic soap operas on Colombian television which managed to become the favorite of many.

The production It was a resounding success, so much so that it managed go around the world broadcastingIt is in more than 180 countries with dozens of adaptations.

The fury generated by the production was such that it was even recognized in 2010 byr the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful soap opera of all time.

These days, the iconic novel returned to Colombian screens, as the RCN Channel decided to re-air its original version as a preview of its long-awaited second season that is about to premiere.

The announcement of the second season of the production has the fans more than happy, who cannot wait to see the new occurrences and fun situations that the story will bring with its original cast.

As it became known, the sequel to the iconic novel will revolve around the life of the teenage daughter of Betty and Don Armando and how they will deal with the teenager, in addition to her marriage and a new crisis at Ecomoda.

Martha Isabel Bolaños revealed how much she earns for each repetition of ‘Ugly Betty’

One of the most remembered characters of this production is that of ‘La papuchurra’, which brought the renowned actress Martha Isabel Bolaños to stardom.

In a recent interview with El Colombiano, the actress referred to the relaunch of the production and He took the opportunity to reveal whether or not he receives payment for this repetition.

Although he did not reveal the exact figure, Bolaños admitted that He does receive remuneration for each time it is repeated, noting that “it is not much.”

“Yes, you receive a little bit for the repetition, but it is not much, it is a small remuneration for each time it is repeated,” he told the media.

It should be noted that this payment received by the actress, as well as the entire cast of the production, was thanks to the Fanny Mickey law that regulated the remuneration of broadcasts establishing that channels must pay a percentage of their advertising revenue.

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