Lucía Pedraza, Nacho Viale’s girlfriend, is pure style with her iconic looks that follow this winter’s trend

In the world of social networks, Lucia Pedraza It becomes increasingly relevant due to the contributions it makes with its posts. More than 29 thousand people follow her on Instagram and the fans of Nacho Viale’s girlfriend are on the rise.

Dedicated to the world of fashion, the health coach sets trends with her posts and personal style. Lucia Pedraza You don’t need to flaunt luxury brands in plain sight to look wonderful.

The couple in 2023.

With extremely classic garments such as jeans, shirts and blazers, he manages to put together outfits that give something to talk about. Very long, well-kept hair, subtle makeup and some gold jewelry always make up her outfit. Lucia Pedraza It also proposes a mix of textures such as wool and denim, something totally common in these winter times.

The fashion influencer knows how to combine clothes perfectly and that is how she joins the wave of long skirts. Wearing this garment, which is a closet staple, with Bremer yarn or wool sweaters is also recommended and it looks wonderful with an aesthetic touch.

The most seen combination on networks.

If you want to have a more formal outfit, don’t hesitate to do as Lucia Pedraza and combine a tailored suit intervened with paint with a crop top and a small purse. The more natural you look, the better it will be to maintain your delicate and old money style like she does.

Elegant and simple.

Saturated colors are part of her wardrobe, especially in the summer where she combines shorts, Bermuda shorts, tank tops or dresses in fuchsia or pastel shades. There is no doubt that the fashionista is a great source of inspiration.

Lucía Pedraza’s business

It is not only dedicated to the world of fashion, Lucia Pedraza She is the founder of the LP Healthy brand, under this name she sells “Delights to feel better” as she describes on her Instagram and assures that they are recipes free of dairy, sugars and refined flours.

Products of your brand.

Just as you do it on your business profile, your personal account also shares it, Lucia Pedraza She is extremely happy about this venture in which she sells homemade granola, alfajores, lactose-free yogurts, fit sweets under the name “mantecofit” and more recipes that are fully recommended to maintain the type of nutrition that she promotes.

On more than one occasion it was shown in food production.

Lucía Pedraza is a great influencer in this field since she trained as a health coach to be able to communicate through her knowledge in nutrition and personal experience on how to eat better. You can see that she visits several restaurants in search of dishes that are totally recommended and that are out of the ordinary.

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