Juanita Tinelli confirmed her separation from her boyfriend Mija Mamruth: “Healing and taking great care of myself”

Juanita Tinelli confirmed her separation from her boyfriend Mija Mamruth: “Healing and taking great care of myself”
Juanita Tinelli confirmed her separation from her boyfriend Mija Mamruth: “Healing and taking great care of myself”

Juanita Tinelli surprised by revealing that she was single (Instagram)

With a strong presence on social networks, Juanita Tinelli She takes advantage of that space not only to show aspects of her daily life, her work as a model abroad, but also to keep her audience informed about her professional projects and her significant personal moments. Each of her publications usually attracts the attention of her almost 3 million followers, so much so that every time the young woman interacts with her followers it immediately generates a feedback in the other side.

In this way, the youngest daughter of Marcelo Tinelli and Paula Robles In the last few hours he published an image on his Instagram stories that reveals how he is at the moment. Thus, the model could be seen enjoying a coffee with milk, while she wrote: “Ask me a question,” which enabled her followers to ask about topics of interest to her. It should be remembered that in these cases it is the account owner herself who decides which ones to respond to and make visible.

Juanita Tinelli answered questions from her followers on Instagram

In the midst of this panorama, he surprised when answering the query “Are you in a relationship?” to which he responded with a simple and resounding “No”, accompanied by a close-up photo of his face, with his eyes looking skyward. The revelation about her sentimental present comes shortly after being shown with her partner Mija Mamruth, in the most varied public and private events six months after announcing their relationship.

Even after that, the question turned to how he was feeling, to which he answered: “Healing and taking good care of myself.” Then, she accompanied with some snapshots where she showed herself accompanied by her affections and a photo that caught her attention, with her eyes as evidence that she was crying.

Juana Tinelli confirmed that she is separated (Instagram)

Juanita Tinelli, at the time of making her relationship public, posted an image of kissing with her partner, Mija Mamruth

The last days of last year the model posted an image of kissing with her boyfriend. Furthermore, she took the opportunity to envelop him in her image and in this way she made clear the identity of the young man who conquered her heart. Even after a few days, the boy put his social media profile in public mode and there it was clear how the Tinelli family approved the relationship. In a publication from the middle of last year, they could be seen during a vacation, and both the model’s parents and her sister Mica and her friend Francesca Ribeiro They celebrated the honeymoon.

Although Juanita has always had a low profile regarding her love life, she has been publicly known with other couples. For more than two years, the young woman had a romantic relationship with Mika Bonomi. Previously, he had a relationship with Felix Delfin Buenader.

Juanita Tinelli highlighted how she felt with a particular image

On this occasion, in addition to announcing her sentimental status, Juana shared images and messages about her family, in which she highlighted her happiness and gratitude towards her loved ones. Thus, she uploaded photos of herself with her father and her mother, among other close relatives. She also stated that her family is a great source of motivation and joy for her.

I am lucky for the family I have, so I learn from them day by day. For the people around me that I love deeply. Yes, I am very happy and they motivate me to live and enjoy life as it should,” he detailed how he feels and the impact of the family in that process and, even, accompanying the answer with an image in which they can be seen. see everyone together sharing a table.

Juanita Tinelli and a heartfelt reference to her mother

Regarding her brother Francisco, she had a differential gesture when asked about what the relationship between them is like – “My best friend,” she said along with four images in which they are seen together. There was also a highlight moment for her mother. When one of her questions was: “Someone who inspires you,” the model did not hesitate to put a photo of her mother next to her and add: “Great teacher.”

Juanita Tinelli had the best words when referring to her family

Currently, Juanita shares her time between Argentina and France. She usually travels to the country to visit her loved ones and then returns to work in Europe. Through Instagram, it shows images of the shootings she does, which are the famous photo campaigns with some brand, and she can also be seen walking on the catwalks of luxury companies, resting and having a good time with her family when she comes to visit the country.

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