5 series from Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and other platforms recommended for the week of June 24 to 30

What series to watch this week on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and other platforms. We have experienced great premieres in June, so the month could not say goodbye without offering us a last batch of good titles to see in the first days of summer.

We will have the opportunity to see Eva Longoria speaking in (almost) perfect Spanish alongside Carmen Maura in land of women, We will see an alternative reality of the British crown in My lady Jane or we can enjoy again the spin-off of one of the most popular sitcoms of recent years. These are the best series of the week.

‘Land of Women’ (Apple TV+)

Gala (Eva Longoria) He must leave New York with his daughter (Victoria Bazua) and his grandmother (Carmen Maura) to hide in a town in Catalonia and escape from some gangsters. The clash between the city and life in the village, language barriers and the secrets that the small town of La Muga hides about his family’s past make adaptation not easy, but all three will have to learn to support yourself to survive the best they can.

‘My Lady Jane’ (Prime Video)

This series takes place in England an alternative reality. Edward VI, son of King Henry VIII, does not die of tuberculosis, nor Jane Gray and her husband Guildford are decapitated. The protagonist is the brilliant Jane, crowned queen overnight and in the crosshairs of the people who want his head.

‘That ’90s Wonderland’ (Netflix)

For eight seasons, Those wonderful 70s became one of the best-known sitcoms of the early 2000s. Now, two decades later, its sequel Those wonderful 90s returns to Point Place to see how the family has evolved with a new generation of young people who face the same experiences in the midst of a totally different time. Its second season will be available on Netflix starting June 27.

‘The Veil: Web of Lies’ (Disney+)

arrives at Disney+ a spy thriller that tells the dangerous relationship between two women who They play the deadly game of truths and lies as they travel from Istanbul to Paris and London. Between shadows, the CIA and the DGSE work together to avoid a potential disaster.

‘The tattoo artist of Auschwitz’ (Movistar Plus+)

Lale is a Slovak Jew who was deported to Auschwitz in 1942. Shortly after arriving at the concentration camp, they name him a tattoo artist and must engrave identification numbers on the prisoners’ arms. One day she meets Gita while tattooing him, what makes love arise Between both. Under the constant surveillance of a Nazi officer, the couple is determined to stay alive. 60 years later, Lale meets a writer named Heather Morris and takes on the challenge of telling your story as he faces the traumas of his youth and relive this love story.

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