Analía Franchín returned to TV, devastated by the death of her sister: “Thank you for so much love”

Analía Franchín returned to TV, devastated by the death of her sister: “Thank you for so much love”
Analía Franchín returned to TV, devastated by the death of her sister: “Thank you for so much love”

Heartbroken, the panelist rejoined A la Barbarossa. Sandra died after being affected by pneumonia. She was HIV positive and she couldn’t resist.

June 24, 2024, 10:26 a.m.

Four days after her sister’s death, Analía rejoined A la Barbarossa.

On June 19, Yanina Latorre counted on THE M that Analía Franchín was going through one of the saddest days of his life: his sister Sandra had died.

The 61-year-old woman was hospitalized with pneumonia and could not resist. Sandra was HIV positive and she struggled with addiction for much of her life.

Four days after his sister’s physical departure, Franchín was present at A la Barbarossa and thanked the infinite expressions of affection received.

“Hello, Analia. Are you OK? We love you”Georgina Barbarossa told him in the opening minutes of the program.

Visibly sad and with pain on the surface, the panelist simply said: “Yes, my love. Thank you so much. Allow me to thank you for the amount of messages, from people, that I have received. Thank you very much for so much love, seriously.”

“We love you”, the driver reiterated. AND Lío Pecoraro added: “Deserved (messages).”

“I already know it. Thank you so much. Thank you very much”answered Analía, without intending to delve deeper into the painful topic.


One day after the death of her sister Sandra, Analía Franchín shared her heartbreaking pain online, through a moving farewell message, in which she gave an account of the hard life her sister had.

The pain floods me. How can I say goodbye if since I can remember my goal was for you to ‘have a happy day in your life’? Maybe we managed it for a few hours on the beach or on the odd Christmas,” the panelist wrote, in the first lines of the post.

Today I am angry. A LOT. With the demons that invaded you all your life and the people who helped you cradle them. It’s going to pass me by now. Surely the day you send me some sign that you were able to finally defeat them,” Analía continued, heartbroken.

And Franchín ended his moving message with emotional words: “I hugged you and kissed you until the last moment. Unfortunately it’s not enough for me.”

Someone told me ‘I’m sending you a big hug, the kind that holds you while you let go…’. I don’t know if I’m ready for that, little sister.. But I want to tell you that I am proud to have been in your life (very unruly, by the way), but I would choose you again. I love you today and always, my beautiful dwarf. Thanks for being. BE FREE (we must see Bohemian Rhapsody together once again),” Analía concluded, raw.


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