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The tremendous viral reaction of the former Big Brother participants to the elimination of Martín Ku: “Noooo!”

The tremendous viral reaction of the former Big Brother participants to the elimination of Martín Ku: “Noooo!”
The tremendous viral reaction of the former Big Brother participants to the elimination of Martín Ku: “Noooo!”

The former GH participants made clear their surprise at the departure of Martín Ku (Video: X)

This Sunday, the House of Big Brother (Telefe) He said goodbye to one of his star players: Martín Ku. In a tough one-on-one with Nicholas Grossman, he Chinese was eliminated by 59.3% and became one of the last to leave the competition weeks before the final. His departure caused a stir among his fans and former teammates.who made it clear at the elimination gala.

As they do religiously at every gala, The former little brothers gave the present in the stands to support the players who are still in competition. In that context, this Sunday night, they had to witness an unexpected resolution of the cycle, since they did not believe that Chino would be eliminated by a large majority. His expressions were recorded on camera and went viral.

One that stood out was Catalina Gorostidi, who suddenly opened his eyes while watching the cycle screen, like Hernán Ontivero, the first to leave the house in this edition. Next to him was Agostina Spinelliwhose amazement He only let her vocalize: “Nooo!”. Another of the faces that expressed confusion was that of Florencia Cabrerawho put a hand to his mouth, and Zoe Bogach.

The faces of Mauro D’Alessio and Carla hot From Stefano They also made clear their disbelief at Martín’s departure. In another sector there were Sabrina Cortez and Lucia Maidanawho had the same reaction as the rest in the middle of a night that went down in the history of the program due to the unexpected result. “Wow”the blonde was seen saying.

The result of Chino’s elimination took Martín Ku’s former teammates by surprise

Unlike his former colleagues, Juliana Rage Scaglione had a different reaction. From her place as a guest analyst, the stunt double showed her joy at the departure of the brand new eliminated. With a gesture of her hands, as if she had a weapon in each hand, The controversial former player did not hide her happiness.

As it could not be otherwise, the sequence quickly went viral on social networks., especially among fans of the contest. “Catalina’s face is a poem”; “La Chula waited almost seven months for this moment”; “We are all cool”; “I’m not going to get over Cata’s face”; “Cordoban is the best”; “Everyone’s eyes almost popped out”were some of the messages left by Internet users before the video of the former little brothers.

For his part, Ku left the house in the company of Arturo, whom he will integrate into his family once he is out of the cycle (Big Brother – Telefe)

But not everything was sadness for Martín Ku. Although she was left without the jackpot, the participant did not leave the reality show empty-handed. During his stay inside the house, the player managed to win a large number of prizes (thanks to the challenges in which he prevailed), among them, a game console, a cell phone, a prefabricated house and the unconditional accompaniment of Arturo, the dog who entered the house and formed an unbreakable bond with him.

According to the program specialist, Frederick Fefe Bongiorno, His departure from the house occurred “with the world record for the greatest number of leadership wins”as he wrote in his account on the platform xpreviously known as Twitter.

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