July is coming and the internet knows it! The funniest memes about the arrival of this month

July is coming and the internet knows it! The funniest memes about the arrival of this month
July is coming and the internet knows it! The funniest memes about the arrival of this month

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A few days before the end of the month of June, it is becoming more common on social networks to see funny images about the arrival of the seventh month of the year, whose name coincides with the name of the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. Because of that, there are a large number of memes that we will show you below.

Julio Iglesias is a Spanish singer who was a former goalkeeper for the Real Madrid youth team. However, a car accident changed the course of his life, and that young man gave up his dream of defending the white team’s goal to fill stages with his music.

At the age of 22 and after that car accident, Julio Iglesias changed his goalkeeper’s gloves for a guitar and since 1962 he went around the world with music. The performer of songs like “I Forgot to Live”, “From Girl to Woman”, “The Best of Your Life”, “I like it, I like it”among other ballads, has not only stood out in music, he has also acted in films, the most remembered being “La Vida seguir Igual”.

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With recognitions such as a Diamond Record for having sold more than one hundred million records in six languages ​​and a Star of Fame on the Hollywood “Walk of Fame,” Iglesias became a global figure, especially in the 1980s. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why his face is one of the protagonists when it comes to giving grace to a time of year.

It is the month of July, the time when summer arrives in the northern hemisphere of the planet and where it coincides with special events, soccer world cups, the Olympic Games, music festivals, among others. Also, in the case of Colombia, this month coincides with the vacation period in schools and universities, in addition to celebrations such as Independence Day, which is on July 20.

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This type of thing makes July an expected month, however, another of the things that makes us enjoy it is the number of memes that appear on social networks, since it is not yet July 1, and creativity It is overflowing in networks.

With some word games, some are already using the face of Julio Iglesias to warn that “July is looming”, “July is approaching” or “June is still waiting”.

They also take the opportunity to make a prediction about how this month will come, maybe it will come “loaded with blessings” or “loaded with emotions.”

Some Internet users even start creating memes months ago, they even warn when there is “a month and a half” left until July arrives.

The artist, father of the singer Enrique Iglesias, also referred to the memes in 2015, in an interview with Hola magazine, in which the singer agreed to learn about the existence of these memes.

“I know them, they are nice and if they make people laugh… well that’s fine with me, as long as they are not offensive”was what Julio Iglesias said in said interview, recognizing that this has helped younger people get to know him.

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