Christian Thorsen confesses that he dislikes being called ‘Platanazo’: “The ‘chapa’ tries to offend”

Christian Thorsen confesses that he dislikes being called ‘Platanazo’: “The ‘chapa’ tries to offend”
Christian Thorsen confesses that he dislikes being called ‘Platanazo’: “The ‘chapa’ tries to offend”

Christian Thorsen He is in his fight against cancer. The Peruvian actor has revealed that he prefers to take an alternative treatment against this disease and is willing to do anything with the only hope of getting better every day. Thus, recently, he gave an interview to Día D where, in addition to talking about his health, he referred to his time through ‘At the bottom there is room’.

The actor recalled his stay in this national series, the same one that generated great recognition from the public. However, he opened up about the nickname he had. As you remember, the actor had the role of Raúl del Prado in the television series, who was finally called ‘Platanazo’. Thorsen He pointed out that although he may not dislike being called a banana, he believes that in our country it is taken in a derogatory way, since it is a clear reference to his physique.

“I think this must be one of the few countries in which the ‘chapa’ tries to offend,” he mentioned quite briefly in the interview.

Christian Thorsen talks about his nickname ‘Platanazo’.

It should be noted that Thorsen had a distancing from ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ after his contract no longer continued because the scriptwriters decided so. However, the actor regretted that they called him from one day to the next to tell him that he was no longer on the phone and that they did not have some kind of affection for him for all the years he contributed to the series.

Christian Thorsen He left ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’ a little upset because of the way they gave up on his services. The actor knew that the scriptwriters have control of the characters and are the ones who decide, those who continue and those who don’t. However, he regretted that the separation had occurred abruptly and only expected a thank you.

“If they had shaken my hand, looked me in the eyes and told me thank you very much for your job, I would not have done anything,” said the renowned Peruvian actor on this topic to Trome.

Christian Thorsen talks about his unexpected departure from ‘Al Fondo Hay Sitio’.

He highlighted that he was in the television series for 7 years and that although they could know that his character was not going any further, he only expected some type of recognition for his work during this time. “We know well that the character reaches a point where the scriptwriter doesn’t want you to be there anymore, but they should have said thank you for your job”said the actor.

At another time, he referred to the possibility of returning to the series with his endearing character. Regarding this, he pointed out that he has very good memories of fiction and although he has not closed the possibility, he would have many conditions to be able to say yes. He confessed that he has rewatched some episodes that he was a part of.

“I think I would put a lot of conditions and I’m not sure they will accept them… Yes (I would like to return), I had a very good time there, I enjoyed it a lot, I had a great time. Sometimes I watch the previous chapters because I enjoy them, I think we have done very nice things. I always had a good time, it was always very nice to be there, but you shouldn’t be where they don’t want you to be,” he told Perú 21.

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