She is the daughter of Hernán Orjuela who has a dream life in Miami – Publimetro Colombia

She is the daughter of Hernán Orjuela who has a dream life in Miami – Publimetro Colombia
She is the daughter of Hernán Orjuela who has a dream life in Miami – Publimetro Colombia

Snail Television It is one of the most recognized national television channels in Colombia, as it has a grid of content ready to inform and entertain the public throughout the day, leading some of its productions to become iconic due to the trajectory they have been. part of the small screen, as has been ‘Happy Saturdays’, where countless comedians as well as several presenters, among them Hernan Orjuela and she is the daughter of the former Caracol presenter who leads a dream life in Miami.

What happened to Hernán Orjuela from Caracol’s ‘Happy Saturdays’?

Former presenter Hernán Orjuela, after his departure from ‘Happy Saturdays’, a comedy program on Caracol Televisión, decided to take a new direction, since for some time he has been part of ‘Trendiando’ program that is part of Nuestra Tele Internacional, where for several years he was accompanied by presenter Catalina Robayo.

In addition, Orjuela carries out his role as a businessman, writer, creative and even has its own website for those who wish to hire its services.

Who is the daughter of Hernán Orjuela from ‘Happy Saturdays’ by Caracol?

The daughter of Hernán Orjuela, who was also part of ‘Día a día’ is Gabriela Orjuela Valderuten, who is quite active on her social networks, reaching more than 4,000 followers. There, she is in charge of sharing the best moments she lives in the company of her family, friends and of course, her partner, showing how in love she is, because on April 28 she arrived at the altar with Nicolás, a boyfriend with whom she had been for several years. Of relationship.

As for the profession that Hernán Orjuela’s daughter has, the young woman graduated with a degree in advertising, as one of her appearances shows. The degree was awarded by Miami International University of art and design, which she obtained in 2020. Currently, Gabriela continues to focus on her projects and take advantage of time with her family.

Where does Hernán Orjuela from ‘Happy Saturdays’ in Caracol live?

Hernán Orjuela from Caracol’s ‘Happy Saturdays’, has been based in Miami for some time, since the program of which ‘Trendiando’ is a part is recorded there. In addition, the rest of his family also resides in this city, which has opened the doors for him to continue with each of his projects both on and off television. For now, Orjuela’s plans would not include him returning to the country.

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