Emilia Mernes surprised Duki with an extraordinary amount of gifts for her birthday

Emilia Mernes surprised Duki with an extraordinary amount of gifts for her birthday
Emilia Mernes surprised Duki with an extraordinary amount of gifts for her birthday

“One who couldn’t decide what to give, don’t worry. I’ll be here opening for a while,” Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo Quiroga is heard saying. In the images you can also see Emilia saying “I love you” to the musician.

It should be remembered that the couple had whitewashed their relationship in December 2021. They had done so, at that time, through a photo they uploaded to social networks.

Emilia Mernes broke the silence and faced the pregnancy rumors: “I want to tell you…”

In recent weeks the singer Emilia Mernes was diagnosed with severe gastroenteritis that led her to suspend numerous functions of her Mp3 Tour and last night it was on everyone’s lips when pregnancy rumors began to circulate with Duki.

In the midst of all the uncertainty and concern on the part of her fans, this Thursday Emilia decided to express herself through her social networks and gave an extensive statement in which she referred to the suspicions already mentioned.

“Hello my loves, how are you? Here I am. “I want to tell you, as many of you already know, that I had a very bad acute gastroenteritis and they recommended that I rest so I could recover and feel well again,” the singer began saying.

And followed: “First I want to apologize, from the bottom of my heart, because I feel like I failed them, but I really had no choice and I needed to rest. My body hurt and I felt terrible, there was no other option.”

Then he went to a more personal level and said: “Lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of things, with the tour, a lot of dates and a lot of personal issues that obviously revolutionized my feelings and that affected my health. “I guess the body spoke to me and told me to stop a little.”

“I wanted to apologize and tell you that sometimes things don’t go the way we want and for me health comes first. Now I’m fine, I’m back with everything, I feel very happy to tell you this, we are already working to reschedule the dates”, confirmed.

He also expressed his desire to meet his fans again and thanked everyone for their patience and affection. “We work so much that it was a great regret for me to have to postpone these dates. Thank you for understanding, I love you with all my soul“, held.

Thus, he left the issues related to a possible pregnancy for last and declared: “I’m not pregnant so I appreciate it if you stop assuming I always am.”

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