Challenge 2024 chapter 56 today June 24

In chapter 56 of the 20 Year Challenge there are exciting moments from start to finish, as Alpha finishes completing the punishment of carrying heavy things and the Challengers of the Week leave the Citadel.

As night falls, Francisco, Yoifer, Hércules and Kratos meet in the Black Box to experience the Death Challenge and defend their place in the competition; However, one of them decompensates and must receive care from the paramedic team.
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In the stands, Kevyn talks to Gaspar and they agree on the order in which they are going to send the sentencing vests for the Alpha women, but once again, the security guard asks to protect Natalia.

At the end of the test, the eliminated person gives her a Glock gift and she considers this gesture to be quite sweet. Furthermore, Beta’s men criticize Alejo and say that he is “Judas”.
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