Carolina Gómez responded to comments that compare her to Verónica Alcocer: “What a shit…”

Carolina Gómez responded to comments that compare her to Verónica Alcocer: “What a shit…”
Carolina Gómez responded to comments that compare her to Verónica Alcocer: “What a shit…”

Carolina Gómez changed her look and received comparisons with the first lady – credit @carogomezfilms/Instagram

Carolina Gómez is remembered for having been part of the triplet of beauty queens who managed to reach the final of Miss Universe. However, life did not please Bogota with the title of the most beautiful woman in 1994, due to the conflicts that she faced in the country regarding security and public order, as former queens such as Paola Turbay have indicated.

The former universal viceroy surprised her followers by publishing a photograph in which she left evidence of the change of look to which he submitted. However, not all changes appear to be positive, since Gómez was the target of criticism and comments from her followers who compared her to Verónica Alcocer, first lady of Colombia.

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File photo of the first lady of Colombia, Verónica Alcocer. EFE/ Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda

The former queen accompanied the postcard in which her change of appearance can be seen. look with a text in which he made reference to the initial idea of ​​sunbathing: “The idea was to get rid of this “banana frog” that characterizes me because the sugar tan passed away”…..but the weekend sun didn’t help!” he wrote in the caption.

Quickly, it didn’t take long for comments to appear comparing her to the first lady of Colombia, so she responded in a joking manner and assured that She would “pimp” her style to avoid that type of notes and she hoped that from now on she would be compared to a character from the series. House of cards.

The former queen showed off on her social networks the change of look she recently underwent – credit @carogomezfilms/Instagram

“No J! The CAG*DA! To come to Colombia I am going to “pimp” her look so that they don’t compare me… she is her; I am me. Hahaha! But hey, the cut is not very similar, yes! NOW TOO the same cut as Claire Underwood in “House of Cards”! And what if we use that one instead? I say no more,” the actress also wrote, accompanied by several laughing emojis in the text.

It didn’t take long for the comments to appear, so some stated that they should not compare the former queen with the country’s first lady. Among the notes that stand out are: “How can you come up with such a comparison, Carito is divine”; “what nerve, Carito is elegant, intelligent, pretty and glamorous”; “the two women are very beautiful, but they have no point of comparison,” among others.

Carolina Gómez responded to criticism for comparisons with Verónica Alcocer – credit @colombiaclic/Instagram

Carolina Gómez came forward about her age and revealed that the media lies about the information they publish about her. “They always make me older”. In addition, the actress and former queen spoke uncensored about her love life, stating that she is having an excellent time in love and she confirmed that she does have a partner: “I currently have a Mexican boyfriend with whom everything is going great”.

The actress spoke about this and other topics in an interview with the Spanish journalist Eva Rey, on her program Get naked with Eva, since the first thing she did was clarify the issue of her real age, due to the fact that although there are not many years of difference that add up, she is uncomfortable with the fact that it is stated that in 2024 she will reach the fifth floor. “False, for more than three decades the age has been increasing. “I’m not going to turn 50, I swear I’m 48, it’s on my ID.”

“I like to be in raw and visceral roles that allow us to show what women are capable of, for this I take my hat off to Sofía Vergara, because although Griselda’s life is about drug trafficking, it is showing that women are capable and the world must tell those stories,” he concluded.

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