Catalina hit Furia where it hurts the most: this is how she cheated on her in the Big Brother debate

Catalina hit Furia where it hurts the most: this is how she cheated on her in the Big Brother debate
Catalina hit Furia where it hurts the most: this is how she cheated on her in the Big Brother debate

The participants once again had a strong live crossover. This time, the discussion began when they referred to the supposed triggers for Martín Ku’s departure.

June 25, 2024, 00:40 a.m.

The new crossover between Catalina Gorostidi and Furia in the “Big Brother” debate. (Photo: Telefe Capture)

Although they were friends during a stage of their stay in the house of Big Brother (Telefe), the relationship between Catalina Gorostidi and Juliana “Furia” Scaglione seems to be at a point of no return. The discomfort is evident every time they meet live and this Monday was no exception.

The new crossover occurred tonight in the reality debate while the former participants and the cycle’s analysts discussed what was the situation that damaged the positive image of Martin Kuwho was on the show’s floor for the first time after being eliminated from the competition.

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“When you stop to talk to Juliana, that took away from you, that took away from you because that wasn’t you,” Ceferino Reato told “El Chino” and that generated an endless controversy among everyone present.

Catalina and Furia faced each other again in the “Big Brother” debate. (Photo: Telefe Capture)

This was the tremendous crossover between Catalina and Fury in the “Big Brother” debate

Listening to the panelist’s arguments, Cata disagreed and stressed that both Martín and the rest of “Los Bro” were not aggressive at any time. “I think many times they were very snails. I said it many times. But I think they always remained very respectful. “They always treated everyone very well,” she said.

And, when Furia tried to interrupt her, she added: “Let me speak because I let you speak. (…) When Alfa comes in, when I get very sick, they restrained me a lot, something that my own friends did not. Or I believed they were… So it seems to me that she was not aggressive when she defended her girlfriend.”

“I’ll fight that to the death and I’ll win it.”Fury burst in after the words of her “ex” friend. And that was her foot for Gorostidi to counterattack and throw a chicane: “No, you didn’t win because you’re outside, pee…”.

Catalina and Fury went from friends to enemies during their stay in the “Big Brother” house. (Photo: Telefe Capture)

Determined to win the conversation, Fury responded bluntly.: “It doesn’t matter, I won the people and you don’t have that”. And he added: “And please let me speak, because you were talking badly about me all the time.”

“How do you know (that I spoke badly about you) if you don’t have a cell phone?” Cata replied mischievously. “Unfortunately, I do have a cell phone and little by little I’m collecting information,” Furia responded. And she, with a huge smile, concluded: “I am left with how beautiful I am… By God, I love people! Thank you for helping me so much because They paid me six months to live in a literal mansion. I didn’t know what it was like to have a gym pool.”.

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