Scandal: Juanita Tinelli left her boyfriend for a current figure of the Argentine National Team

Scandal: Juanita Tinelli left her boyfriend for a current figure of the Argentine National Team
Scandal: Juanita Tinelli left her boyfriend for a current figure of the Argentine National Team

Juanita Tinelli confirmed their separation from Mija Mamruth, the young man she had been dating for the last few months. With an open heart, the It Girl exposed her emotions on social networks. “I’m healing and taking good care of myself.” However, there are rumors that indicate that the young model had been unfaithful to her boyfriend with a renowned world champion.

“Are you in a relationship?”they asked Juana, through Instagram, in the box of questions that celebrities usually share when they want to tell some questions about their personal or professional life. “No”, Tinelli expressed and surprised her thousands of followers who decided to go further with their doubts, after the surprising response from the daughter of Marcelo Tinelli and of Paula Robles.

“I am healing and taking good care of myself”, The influencer explained, along with a collage she made compiling different moments of her current life where she is seen surrounded by friends and also with her emotions on the surface, crying. Mija Mamruth and Juanita fell passionately in love and he was one of her great companions during her first stage as a model, a career in which she already has international significance.

About some months ago, Juana is involved in romance rumors with Rodrigo De Paul who is playing the Copa América in the United States.. A few weeks ago, it was revealed that the daughter of the ShowMatch host had an encounter with the steering wheel in her apartment in Spain, in what was her birthday celebration.

The truth is that a series of images went viral that made it clear that the model had been in the player’s apartment. In fact, She was seen wearing the same clothes as Tini Stoessel’s ex. However, the young woman turned a deaf ear and never made any statements about it. On the contrary, at the time of the rise of rumors of an affair, Juana decided to share a series of photos with Mija Mamruth to pretend that everything was fine with the couple. However, in the last few hours it was learned that the romance came to an end.

Juanita Tinelli went to the surgeon and showed her amazing change

Juanita Tinelli She visited a plastic surgeon to undergo a transformation in her look and the specialist shared the surprising final result with a before and after video of the young woman. “A special visit before the end of the year. Juanita visited me in the office, thank you for the complete trust, it is a pleasure to take care of you.”Wrote Doctor Miguel Puga in an Instagram post where he attached a video with the visit of “El Cabezón’s” daughter. Juanita went to the doctor for a subtle cosmetic touch-up to increase the volume of her lips.

The intervention was celebrated on social networks by dozens of users and Candelaria Tinelli, daughter of Marcelo and businesswoman Soledad Aquino, and older sister of Juana, spoke about it with praise for the young woman: “My baby“.

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