Sofía Jujuy Jiménez gave the details of her mysterious new conquest: “I’m terrified to put a label on it”

Sofía Jujuy Jiménez gave the details of her mysterious new conquest: “I’m terrified to put a label on it”
Sofía Jujuy Jiménez gave the details of her mysterious new conquest: “I’m terrified to put a label on it”

Sofia Jujuy Jimenez gave details of her new relationship and kept the identity of her conquest secret (Socios del Espectáculo – El Trece)

From the mythical city of New York, Sofia Jujuy Jimenez enjoyed the flag that the fans did in the run-up to the Argentine National Team’s match against Chile, which took place this Monday in New York. Immersed in the emotion of the moment, the model shared the details with the team of Show Partners (The thirteen). However, his story took a backseat, when the panel began to investigate his new conquest.

After being consulted by the versions that claimed that Rodrigo de Paul He had “threw the dogs” at her birthday party, she flatly refused. Then Rodrigo Lussich He asked her about the statements that the model made to a magazine. “Weekend I read that it bothered you, that they associate you with people with whom nothing happens, because in reality you have a low-profile relationship, a new relationship, and you want to take care of it,” said the journalist in reference to the young woman’s new conquest. Without escaping the question, she stated: “Of course, whenever I see those titles I say: ‘Damn, don’t burn me’”.

Regarding his recent romance, Jiménez clarified: “I am in another, totally different, nothing to do with footballers, meeting another person who is not from the media, very calm…”. He also dispelled the fact that it was someone known in the public sphere: “Not famous, but we are not going to make him famous now either. He already passed me by being with someone who is not known and suddenly his temper rises… “.

Along those lines, he added: “I don’t want to burn who I’m dating because, did you see when you’re getting to know someone? It happened to me that I was hanging out, meeting people, having one date or another, I decided to get to know him and, suddenly, I met this guy who was like… I left all the other candles behind.

Jiménez’s last relationship was with Bautista Bello, who cheated on her while she was traveling (Instagram)

After the model’s comments, the panelist Matias Vazquez He joined the conversation and added: “This candle has something magical. “That magical thing that Sofi Jujuy falls in love with, what is it?” Quickly, the model answered: “The kid is smart. I can chat with him about everything. He is a business manager, he has his own brand,” he continued.

Furthermore, he expressed that he felt “happy, calm and enjoying”. “I’m single, I’m not dating, it’s not that I want to give it that title because it makes me panic.“, he noted regarding the beginnings of his brand new conquest, with whom he assured that he will travel to Miami, where they will meet to enjoy the match of La Scaloneta within the framework of the Copa América 2024.

Once again, Vázquez consulted him about his preferences in romantic relationships. “But you were experiencing being an open couple“You were open to new experiences in life, do you remember?” said the panelist, who received a sincere response from Sofía.

I think I am quite open in general, I have no problemsbut if I am in a relationship and the bases are: ‘Hey, this is monogamy, we are together and we don’t mess with anyone’, that is respected. Now, on the other side he plays alone with other people and I don’t find out, or I find out on television, it’s not good.“, he noted in reference to Bautista Bello, his last partner, with whom he went through a scandalous separation after finding out through social networks that he had been unfaithful to her while she was traveling participating in the international edition of the survival reality show, The Challenge.

The model talked about her separation from Bautista Bello and revealed how she coped with it (Video: Intrusos – América)

It is worth mentioning that This last separation was not easy at all for Jiménez, who spoke about it repeatedly before the cameras. One of his “sincericides” took place in mid-July, when he returned from a vacation. “What you saw, I was seeing at that moment and my cell phone was blowing up. I was in Croatia”, He held in dialogue with Intruders (America).

I went to sleep believing that he would arrive in Europe the next day., I was planning a surprise, thinking where we could go, France or where. And when this happened I told him: ‘Don’t even think about getting on the plane.’ Of course the topic was discussed between us, we had the necessary conversation,” he noted at that time regarding the betrayal of Bello, with whom they had future plans that ranged from living together to becoming a father.

Prior to this link he was with Juan Martin del Potrowith whom he broke up about four years ago. In dialogue with LAM (America), she explained that with the former tennis player “there was not something specific”. “It was together, it doesn’t matter who made a decision,” he added regarding the dissolution of the bond, which he assured was affected by the isolation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

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