“They haven’t given us any solution”

“They haven’t given us any solution”
“They haven’t given us any solution”

Nicolás Solabarrieta, the son of Fernando Solabarrieta, shared through his Instagram stories a complex situation that he experienced with his partner Valentina Torres, better known as “La Guarén”, at the Rio de Janeiro airport.

It turns out that the airline from which they bought the tickets did not recognize the acquisition of these air tickets, even though they did charge the card with which they paid for the tickets. Due to the above, Nicolás made a powerful statement on the aforementioned social network.

Guarén and Nico Solabarrieta

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The problem of Nicolás Solabarrieta

“I’m in Rio de Janeiro and on Saturday I bought tickets to return to Santiago because tomorrow (Tuesday, June 25) I have to work very early in the morning,” he started saying while he was in the airport waiting room with his girlfriend.

He added that, “I bought my tickets, they charged me at the bank, I received the receipt and the tickets never arrived. And, Now, I arrive at the airport and they won’t let me board. Mand they say that the reservation was never made, that I have to complain to the bank because they have nothing to do with it, but, of course, they don’t have any problems getting paid, but getting on board does make things complicated.”


Nico Solabarrieta

After calling the airline, they told him that the case would be resolved within 24 hours. However, Nicolás did not have that time, since as he said previously, he had to be in Santiago this Tuesday morning, due to immovable work commitments.

Nico Solabarrieta

“We should be in Santiago now. They haven’t given us any solution. They told me ‘you can wait until tomorrow to see if they give you an answer’. And it’s like ‘Are they telling me…?'” he said, later saying that He had to buy two emergency tickets for the same day on another airline.

Until then, it seemed that there were going to be no more problems… however, the other airline, when they were close to boarding, reported that the flight was delayed two hours. Nicolás could not believe what was happening with his eventful return to Chile.

“I can’t believe it, we are literally boarding and it says that the flight is delayed for two hours. I can’t believe it. I swear, it seems like everything wants me to stay in Rio. I’m going to stay here,” he said. Finally, Nicolás and Valentina managed to arrive in Chile during the night of this Tuesday.

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