The red phone rang again in Big Brother: Bautista answered and had to define his future in seconds

The red phone rang again in Big Brother: Bautista answered and had to define his future in seconds
The red phone rang again in Big Brother: Bautista answered and had to define his future in seconds

Bautista answered the red phone on GH (Telefe)

At the gala this last Monday, Santiago del Moro surprised by announcing that the red telephone Big Brother (Telefe) would ring for the last time. Time passed and the talk revolved around Martín Ku, the Chinese, who was the last eliminated from the house. Finally, this event took place in the last minutes of The debatewhich increased tension in the program and generated expectations regarding the consequences that attending it would have.

It was already the first few minutes of Tuesday when the phone finally rang and Bautista Mascia He was the first to answer it. Despite the risks of this action, the young man did not hesitate and took on the challenge, fully aware that it could affect his stay on the reality show, taking into account that there are just days left until the grand finale of this edition, the longest of the history made in Argentina.

After lifting the tube, GH’s voice explained: “I’ll tell you, pay attention, eh. In moments, Santiago will tell you what the call you just answered is about. Luck. Hug”. The participant’s face of disbelief was unmistakable, while his cohabitation companions also appeared perplexed. To everyone’s joy, they barely had time to try to determine what would happen when the driver contacted the house and opened the corresponding red envelope.

It was then that Del Moro explained: “Bauti, you answered the red phone, listen to me. Whoever answers the red phone, the one that just rang, goes directly to the plate on Sunday. You are on board, you are not going to participate on Wednesday – the day of the leader’s test – unless you want to give your place to someone. That is to say, Are you going or are you sending someone? You can send it to Nico, Emma or Darío to the plate, what are you going to do?” The silence in the house was total, and the faces of astonishment at the possibility of sentencing someone days away from the definition were noticeable.

Santiago del Moro told how the final stretch of Big Brother continues

When trying to buy time to think about his decision, the Uruguayan singer asked how much time he had to give a response, to which he was informed that he had to do so at that moment. After that, he began to look at his three companions, one by one, in silence. The answer did not take long to arrive: “I’m going to plate”, taking responsibility for the sentence that the red telephone was going to apply.

It was then that Del Moro explained: “Bautista, you are nominated then for next Sunday. You already have the ‘Bautista at 9009’ on your forehead”, and then clarify that “then all that remains is to play on Wednesday with Darío, with Emmanuel and with Nicolás. On Wednesday, one of you three will be a finalist. See you on Wednesday”, ending the communication. Nicolás’s first reaction was to hug him and remind him: “You have balls like that.” The young man from Ramos Mejía was referring to the fact that the Uruguayan had taken charge of the situation, while Emmanuel continued in silence without fully understanding what had just happened. Dario, for his part, also stood aside, without saying a word about it.

It is worth remembering that just a few days ago, Santiago Del Moro revealed when the end of the cycle will be: ““The Big Brother final will be on July 7,” and then detail that “The final is on July 7, but the program ends on the 8th,” explaining that there will be “a super special edition with notes, more dinner, more shows, more emotions and more, a lot of things. So on the 7th the last three will remain and Monday will be the last program of this cycle, which has been the longest in the Argentine Republic.”

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