La Negra Vernaci made a joke with BAD INTENTION about Juariu’s pregnancy and caused controversy

La Negra Vernaci made a joke with BAD INTENTION about Juariu’s pregnancy and caused controversy
La Negra Vernaci made a joke with BAD INTENTION about Juariu’s pregnancy and caused controversy

Elizabeth “the Black” Vernaci He made fun of the reaction of his classmates Juarius when revealing her pregnancy and sparked outrage on social media.

This Monday, in the studio of Cut by Lozano (Telefe), the panelist surprised with an enigmatic comment about a pregnant celebrity. After a few minutes, she revealed that the protagonist was herself and everything was joy and excitement. Verónica Lozano, Sol Pérez, Costa, Vicky Xipolitakis, Paola Juárez and Mauro Szeta ran to hug her.

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La Negra Vernaci made fun of the reaction of Juariu's colleagues when revealing her pregnancy and generated outrage

This was the moment when Negra Vernaci made fun of the reaction of Juariu’s colleagues when she revealed her pregnancy (Photo: Capture youtube)

Although the tender moment filled social media with sweetness, Vernaci did not take it in the same way.I know that things have happened to Juariu, poor thing, she had cancer a long time ago. We love her, she’s a beautiful girl. But really? Are they all gaga or are they all looking to get pregnant?he said on the air of The Black Pop (Pop FM 101.5).

And he continued: “Or it also happens to what happens to Eastwood’s witches, that if it happens to one, it happens to all of them. Come on… You can’t get so hysterical… it’s a pregnancy. (…) Too crazy.”

The excitement of the Cortá por Lozano team after Juariu’s announcement (photo: Telefe Capture)

Immediately after, they played the fragment of the program in which Juariu announces that she is pregnant, and the announcer continued imitating them live: “Oh, a little dog… Really? This is the one who is most nervous, Sol Pérez. Look how they are.“Even Costa is nervous that there is nothing left…” he concluded ironically.

Vernaci’s statements did not go unnoticed on social media, where she received strong repudiation from users. Ángel De Brito even stated: “What a resentful woman with the lives (of others) you have to be to make fun of Juariu’s pregnancy and the happiness of his companions.”

Angel de Brito questioned La Negra Vernaci for her statements on air. (Photo: Capture X / AngeldebritoOk)

This is how Juariu had announced that she is pregnant

Vicky Braierpopularly known as Juarius, confirmed that she is pregnant with her first child. The specialist in tracking the social networks of celebrities broke the news in an enigmatic format and surprised her own colleagues on the air.

Juariu confirmed her pregnancy

This was the moment when Juariu confirmed her pregnancy (Photo: Capture Telefe)

Following the announcement, Juariu provided further details. “I am 14 weeks”he revealed. And he highlighted: “It was kind of unexpected because I was undergoing treatment, so I didn’t say anything.“But I stopped the treatment to see how everything was going, if it was possible, if it was going to be possible, to check that everything was okay. We did everything that had to be done and we said ‘let’s try’,” said the panelist who had breast cancer some time ago.

Then, he stressed: “I have frozen eggs and we are going to try to get it right the first time. It was a surprise and a shock, we couldn’t believe it. But it was a blessing that was a long time coming with all the processes I went through.”

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