Emma, ​​on the verge of leaving the house after finding out what the prizes are for the finalists in Big Brother

What caused a stir among Big Brother fans was that – at the beginning of the season – Santiago del Moro had announced that the three finalists were going to win a house. However, that did not happen.

The news also had repercussions on the players. Emma Vich was furious and disappointed for having endured 7 months of confinement only to find out that she will not take home, as they had promised at the beginning of the reality show.

“Apart from reaching the final, for a personal goal, the objective was another. The house was part of my dream. I swear to God I thought the house was coming, my friend. We’re going to be really stupid with people talking about this. I hope it’s not misunderstood, it’s not that we’re ungrateful, but…”, the stylist said.

Big Brother changed the prizes for the winners and the networks exploded with fury and indignation

When there are only three days left until the end of almost seven months, Big Brother 2023 (Telefe), a scandal of proportions broke out on the social network X when it became known that there had been a radical change in the prizes for the finalists.

It all started when the dinner that Santiago del Moro shared with was seen on screen Emmanuel Vich, Nicolas Grosman and Bautista Mascia announcing to them what prizes they will receive.

And keeping in mind that at the beginning of the competition, From Moro It had been widely reported that in addition to the cash prize, there were three houses up for grabs for the three participants who made it to the final. Last night it was revealed that only the champion would win a house, not those who came in second or third place, although everyone would get free beer, a motorcycle and 70 million pesos for the winner, 10 million for second place and 5 for third place.

Faced with this notable change, and not exactly for the better, virtual fans of Big Brother They made the overwhelming evidence viral when Santiago announced the 3 houses, as well as showing their disagreement and some even speculated about what happened to the two houses that were removed from the final awards.

“They said there were three houses and now it turns out it’s one. Telefe, they are a bunch of scumbags, they don’t just steal from the viewers, they also steal from the participants. They are disgusting, with all the money we gave them.” o “There were 3 houses, one for the finalist house. They changed everything and stole the money. And here there are people who vote!!!”were just some of the angry messages that could be read.

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