Telecinco is keeping ‘First Dates Hotel’ for its prime time, which previews the singles who will have dates in its premiere

Telecinco is keeping ‘First Dates Hotel’ for its prime time, which previews the singles who will have dates in its premiere
Telecinco is keeping ‘First Dates Hotel’ for its prime time, which previews the singles who will have dates in its premiere

Telecinco is preparing for the imminent premiere of First Dates Hotelthe new ‘spin-off’ of the popular dating show on Cuatro that jump to the main chain con a prime time version. A program that will also feature Carlos Sobera as presenter -and host-, and has detailed its main developments in view of its broadcast in prime time “in the coming days”, without revealing a specific date.

Produced by Warner Bros. ITVP Spainand recorded in a cozy hotel in Moraira (Alicante), the new First Dates Hotel will organize dates in which participants will have the opportunity to continue getting to know their partners beyond their first dinner together. In fact, the program will show viewers the evolution of the stories of its protagonistsfrom the initial preparation and expectations, the development of the date and subsequent meetings.

Carlos Sobera will be the host and new director of the hotel, once again adding Lidia Torrent to the team as a receptionist who will help the singles upon their arrival at the facilities. As has already transpired, the family of First Dates It expands with the receptionist as well Sergio Lopez; con DJ Keko – The Best Of DJ Kekowhich will perform the double function of buttons and DJ; with Adrian Pedraja As a bartender, you will witness the first glances and impressions of the daters as soon as they met; and with Arianna Aragon and Rocio de Porres ‘Rolita’who will be in charge of serving the singles’ tables during their dates.

The deployment of ‘First Dates Hotel’

Throughout each broadcast, singles will share unforgettable encounters: they will enjoy the cozy restaurant, the comforts offered by the Spa and its jacuzzi, the swimming pool, the Balinese beds, the cocktail area and the chill out or evenings enlivened by DJ music under the starlight. In addition, singles also enjoy They will be able to leave the hotel to explore the area and enjoy water sports, mountain routes, boat trips or unforgettable sunsets on the beach, among many other activities that invite shared leisure or awaken passion.

This will be possible thanks to to the extensive technical deployment that will not let any gesture, attitude or knowing look escape. Kilometers of wiring hidden in the hotel’s decor; 70 robotic cameras camouflaged with the environment; a sound system that covers every room of the accommodation and a production infrastructure custom-designed for this production are part of this network of technical means that allow the most significant moments of each meeting to be captured while creating an intimate space so that participants can live their experience in a relaxed and more natural way.

The protagonists of first dates

In its first installment, First Dates Hotel will receive Lorenzoand Italian appeal green-eyed, passionate and spiritual. He owns a pilates and yoga studio and likes to feel desired. You will meet Alsoa girl who is also very spiritual, who at 32 years old feels that she is in a good moment to give love another chance. On their date, both will feel a great physical attraction in which they will share their ‘fiery zodiac signs’.

The program will also witness the meeting between Teresa and JohnShe, a Basque woman of strong character, just retired and he arrives with a great desire to live this experience. He, for his part, is a Valencian with many kilometers traveled, so now he has desire to settle down and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Mario and Miriam They will also be staying at the hotel. He, who at 23 years old is a true fashion victim the last century, studied fashion design and values ​​the aesthetics of 1920. He will have his date with Miriama young woman of her same age who defines his style as ‘electrochoni’ and it is clear that she could never be with a ‘Cayetano’. When they meet, they will both be surprised by their outfits, Although clothing has never been an impediment to love.

Richard y Jana will be other protagonists of the evening. He is a 48 year old architect and designera show-off and gallant, who does not rule out getting married if he finds the woman of his dreams. During his stay, he will share a date with A woman who likes to enjoy life. When they see each other, they will both feel Cupid’s arrow, a sensation that they will have the opportunity to check if it persists with the same force during a subsequent boat ride.

Quico and Anya They will also make their check-in in the love hotel. Quico is an ‘erotomaniac’ and 41 year old erotic masseuse who enjoys the speed of his motorcycle and dreams of being Tom Cruise in the 80s movies. He will have a date with Anya, a 42-year-old sexologist who claims to be a relationship expert. Her explosive personalities will immediately cause sparks to fly during your date.

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