Bisbal explains to his young son what it means to be famous in a viral video

Bisbal explains to his young son what it means to be famous in a viral video
Bisbal explains to his young son what it means to be famous in a viral video

In the last few hours it is going viral some images that the own David Bisbal shared on their social networks, and which are part of their most intimate parental facet. The video takes place in the artist’s vehiclewhich he was driving himself, apparently in the moments after picking up his son from school.

Susanna Griso commented that several of those present on the set laughed at a question she had just asked them. She asked them if they had had to explain to their children What was that about ‘being famous’?However, none of those present had been fathers.

The reason for the question was precisely those images of David Bisbal explaining to his son what had just happened at school, upon leaving school.

“Why did they chase you?”

The small I did not understand very well what he had just witnessed, in fact what had happened would have disturbed him to the point of scare him.

“Why did my friends chase you at school?” the boy asked. David Bisbal explained to him that the videos of “Dad’s songs” What he does and what he sees with him on the tablet, his friends can also see it “with their moms and dads,” and he continued: “Then they recognized me and that’s why they all came to look at me”.

“I had to hide” said the child, who found the situation disturbwhich brought a smile to his father’s face, who told him that There would be no reason to hide and explained to him that he had given a hug “to all”.

I didn’t see it clearly The little boy who kept asking questions and wanted to know the reason of the hug. David told him that it was a sign of affection towards him.

The meaning of fame

The video ended with the boy telling his father that “Everyone says you are famous”to which Bisbal could not contain himself spontaneous and funny reactionThe singer asked his son what what did it mean ‘be famous’ and the child said: “Daddy… What do you sing?”.

Expert opinion

The Psychologist Yolanda Cuevas Ayneto explained the need of the children of “put words, emotions and understanding to what surrounds them”. The psychologist recognized as a great success the artist’s reaction and explanation to his son, “getting into the child’s emotional world and telling him the story as if it were a fairy tale”.

“It’s very important, not only what you tell him, but how “You tell him,” Yolanda continued explaining.

This would help the development of the child and his ability for manageexperiences future, and gave an example: “When he has interest The next day, when I go to school, which is already observer moderealizing more that his dad is ‘super’ famous. And so he can even have conversations with his little friends.”

Finally he stressed that it would be better for his adaptation that the children of popular people go assimilating that reality soonerwithout creating “a bubble”.

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