We unpixelated Tita Cervera’s daughters in the race for the Thyssen empire

We unpixelated Tita Cervera’s daughters in the race for the Thyssen empire
We unpixelated Tita Cervera’s daughters in the race for the Thyssen empire

Carmen Cervera introduced her twins for the first time in the pages of the magazine Hello!. At that time, both appeared as two very smiling girls with curly blonde hair and big blue eyes. Today they retain that essence, although they have transformed into two attractive young women who like Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa, and who like to be up to date with fashion trends; and who are willing to fall in love, in Carmen’s own words to the aforementioned publication. “They talk to me about boys. I try to get them to do it because I want them to tell me those things. My biggest concern is that they waste their time with a person who is not suitable and affects their lives and, if that happens, you also learn in love,” she said.

Carmen Cervera and her daughter at an event in Madrid. (Photo: Gtres)

After finishing their high school studies and the summer months, the twins will embark on two new paths. In Carmen’s case, this involves studying Business Administration and Management (ADE) and International Relations in our country – the twins live in Andorra, with their father – although Harvard University was initially considered. For her part, Sabina, who is the shyest and most creative of the sisters, is leaning towards the arts. The young girl plays the piano, has been singing for several years and draws, so it is expected that her education will continue in that direction and, probably, not at university.

Thus, everything points to the fact that the person chosen by Tita Cervera to manage her multimillion-dollar inheritance and artistic work, thus practically dueling with the Baroness’s first-born son, Borja Thyssen, would be María del Carmen. In fact, Carmen Cervera herself already gave some clues about this several months ago in an interview for the program Public mirroron Antena 3. “She studies and studies. She is a brilliant student. I have made lots of wills. “When life changes, you change them,” said Tita. Words to which Borja reacted immediately, it should be noted, displaying that instinct so typical of us – as humans -: marking the fence and/or the limits of what until now had been, at least in his imagination, his only property.

Carmen Cervera, with one of her daughters. (Photo: Gtres)

María del Carmen is also the one who has accompanied her mother to several of her professional commitments in recent times. The most important one was when Baroness Thyssen signed, together with her son Borja, the contract with the Ministry of Culture for the rental of the “shared” collection that they both have deposited in the art gallery – 330 works for 15 years – and for which The Thyssens receive 6.5 million euros annually to be divided between mother and son in different percentages, as well as an additional 422,500 euros due to the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

In addition, the young woman was also at the opening, in 2023, of the hotel that Tita Cervera renovated and named The Pink Elephant, located in the quiet bay of S’Agaró, a unique coastal enclave on the Costa Brava. “It is a 9-room boutique hotel where white takes center stage, highlighting the light that radiates from every corner. Each space in the hotel is unique and distinctive. EIt is an adults-only hotel for those seeking tranquility in an environment where they can escape from routine. and the hectic pace of everyday life. It also has a spa, a movie theater, an outdoor pool and recreational areas. chill out in the back gardens where guests can relax, enjoy signature cocktails and even play table football,” the venue’s website says.

Carmen Cervera, with one of her daughters. (Photo: Gtres)

The doors that open for Carmen Cervera daughter

In order for the young woman to be able to access her mother’s artistic legacy, however, she will first have to become a member of the Board of Trustees of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection Foundation (FSP), whose purpose is the conservation, study, public exhibition and dissemination of the collection of works of art housed in the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza. This could open up a conflict of interests in the family. If the twin joins the body of the entity by express decision of her mother, another of its trustees must leave. And the big question is: Who?

The Board of Trustees is made up of twelve trustees that this medium has already detailed in another article: four by virtue of their position, the trustees ex-officio four appointed by the Council of Ministers by Royal Decree, and four others named by the Thyssen-Bornemisza family. All of them, except the first ones, They are elected for a period of four years from the moment their position takes effect.and curiously, this 2024 marks the end of Borja Thyssen’s term in the organisation. Will the Madrid native be re-elected or, on the contrary, will his sister Carmen occupy his current position?

Borja and Carmen Thyssen, with the former Minister of Culture, Miquel Iceta. (Photo: Gtres)

We will have to wait for the Board of Trustees, in accordance with the statutory requirements, to hold a meeting to deal with this matter, which, as LOOK stated several months ago, would be of great concern to Carmen Cervera’s only son. In the last year, the Board of Trustees has held three meetings whose approved matters have nothing to do with the alteration of the Statutes of the public museum, nor with any change or re-election of its members.

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