Yolanda Andrade contracted a bacteria in her blood, reveals Montserrat Oliver

Yolanda Andrade continues to face challenges in his health, a year after he was diagnosed with a aneurisma cerebral and undergo surgery, since every time she shows improvement, she is again affected by some crisis.

A few weeks ago, the television presenter caused concern among her followers when she appeared on the program “Montse y Joe”, which she co-hosts with the model. Montserrat Oliverunable to speak and even using a blackboard to communicate.

After that, she uploaded a video to her Instagram account in which she reported that she had been hospitalized but did not give many details about it.

Yolanda Andrade returns to the hospital after a relapse. The host has been sick for more than a year.

Now, it was Oliver who explained that Yolanda Andrade is currently receiving treatment for an alleged bacteria in her blood that temporarily affected her ability to speak.

Yolanda Andrade. Capture via Youtube.

In a meeting with the media, the famous actress said: “They are giving her a lot of antibiotics and she can’t come to record. Apart from what she has in her head that hurts her, she had an infection. In the last program she didn’t talk much. Apparently it was a pretty strong bacteria that even attacked her voice.”

Montserrat added that she does not know if this new condition is part of his first diagnosis, but suggested that Andrade will probably tell what happened later.

“She has been disconnected. She has been taking care of herself. I also don’t want to bother her too much because then she gets worried about my worries. She says that I don’t leave her alone and it’s good that she is at peace so that she can recover,” he said.

Regarding the presenter’s mood, Oliver said that Andrade feels very positive and confident that she will get through it. “Hopefully the next recording will come soon,” he commented.

In addition, the model detailed that Andrade will not be replaced on the program they share; instead, they have only had some special guests during her absence.

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