Benjamín Vicuña spoke about his new partner: “I never lost hope in love”

Benjamín Vicuña spoke about his new partner: “I never lost hope in love”
Benjamín Vicuña spoke about his new partner: “I never lost hope in love”

Benjamín Vicuña spoke about his romance with his new girlfriend (Intrusos)

His private life always attracted attention and although he tried to keep it away from the public eye, after several months of being single Benjamin Vicuna confirmed that he has found love again. According to what they said in Partners of the Show (El Trece), The actor is dating a young woman named Anitawhom she met at the gym where they met and where their budding romance began to take shape.

“I’m meeting someone wonderful, so I’m fine. Very pleased and very happy. We’re getting to know each other.”“, the Chilean actor had said a few days ago in response to the question that everyone wanted to know. And when he heard the name Anita, he did not want to give too many details.Imagine how embarrassed I am to be talking about this with the people who came to see me at the theater.”, answered the protagonist of Cheerswithout denying the information, although he did not want to give more details on the matter.

The days passed and a somewhat more relaxed Benjamin, having already come clean about his partner, returned to giving notes and referring to his new relationship. It was at the door of the theater where the chronicler of Intruders (cycle that leads Florence of the V (on América TV) asked him about his partner and he spoke without a filter.

“Well, the other day we confirmed our romance. So yes, I am very happy,” Benjamin began by saying, without hiding his feelings. The Chilean actor then described what his new girlfriend is like: “She is a beautiful, wonderful woman.”

In this regard, the reporter wanted to know if she hoped to find a new love, after her past experiences, to which Vicuña clarified: “The hope of love is never lost.” And finally, he expressed his gratitude for all the people who are part of his life today: “I have so much more in life than I ever expected”he concluded, celebrating the bond almost two years after his breakup with That is, Sulich’s, the last girlfriend he had married.

Benjamín Vicuña confessed that he is meeting someone. She is Anita, the actor’s new girlfriend

“A famous man dates a tall, slender, muscular woman fitnessvery striking that enters the gym and everyone looks at her. Blonde lately. The point is that they carry out an operation to enter that place.first he goes with her hand, then he lets go when the doors are about to open, they enter the weight room and there, each one on his own. In the end, When they are sweaty and congested, they come back together”they had announced a few days ago in Partners of the Show.

Seven months ago she was married, she was separating. She was at the end of a relationship, even though she has two children.. She met the famous man, they started going back and forth and they haven’t come clean yet, completely,” he continued. Rodrigo Lussichalways in enigmatic mode on the air of the El Trece program “The feeling I get is that he is looking after her because she is coming from a separation,” he ventured, before giving names to the story.

“Her name is Anita, she is 40 years old and has two children from a previous relationship.. She is separated,” added the driver and Paula Varelaanother of the panelists of the cycle, added: “She is an expert in finance and separated from her husband, Andrés, a few months ago.”.

Once they returned to the show floor after seeing the note with Benjamin, the panel continued to give information about the couple.She is practically installed in Vicuña’s housewhoever passes by the door sees Anita’s truck parked there,” said Lussich, to which panelist Matías Vázquez added: “They are morning people, they often arrive at the gym together, hand in hand, through the shopping mall parking lot.”.

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