This is Abraham García’s father, his defender in Supervivientes All Stars

This is Abraham García’s father, his defender in Supervivientes All Stars
This is Abraham García’s father, his defender in Supervivientes All Stars

Carlos Otero 07/07/2024 09:00h.

Abraham and his father, his defender in ‘Supervivientes All Stars’Telecinco

  • The defender of the winner of ‘Supervivientes’ in 2014 has a meat products company

  • Julian defends his son on the set and respects his role without hesitation

  • The elegance of Abraham García’s father has attracted the attention of fans of the program on social networks

The season of ‘Survivors All Stars‘ has allowed us to meet again with great names in the history of reality and get to know their families better. This is the case of Abraham García, winner of the 2014 editionwho wanted it to be this time his father, Julianthe person in charge of defending him at the show’s galas and debates.

This is Julián, the father of the contestant of ‘Supervivientes All Stars’, Abraham García

He has a group of butcher shops

Abraham and his father are very close, as the guest shows in all the interventions he makes to reinforce his son’s competition. Although he does not have social networks, thanks to the words of both of them we know some things about him. For example, we know his profession: he is a butcher.

“My father owns several butcher shops that, in addition to serving the public, also serve the hospitality industry. And I spent the time between the ages of 18 and 20 working with him, from 6 in the morning to 10 at night, from Monday to Saturday,” the young man said some time ago on the occasion of the launch of his mtamd channel, “Super Fresh by Abraham.” The castaway was not passionate about the world of fileteado and that is why he decided to distance himself from the family business by signing up, at the age of 21, for the reality show that changed his life, “Gandía Shore”.

Abraham’s father talks about his son’s approach to Sofía Suescun: “He is affectionate”

Abraham has stressed on the island that he has inherited his father’s entrepreneurial spirit. His work curriculum is a good example of this, as the young man opened a restaurant in Madrid after winning the award for the format ten years ago. However, despite the initial excitement, he ended up abandoning it to continue his career as a public figure.

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He is married for the second time to a woman named Jessi

The DJ’s father has made a strong entrance on television sets and also among social media commentators. Since his first appearance on screen, many fans of the “silver wolves” have highlighted his mature elegance. Divorced from Abraham’s mother some time ago, Julián has rebuilt his life with the help of a new partner: Jessi.

He defends his son tooth and nail

Despite his discretion, Julián shows ease in front of the Telecinco cameras and has no problem speaking if his testimony helps to bolster his son’s image in the eyes of the audience. “What happens in ‘Supervivientes’ stays there,” he joked about the flirtations his son maintains with some of his fellow contestants and even with Jorge Javier Vázquez.

He Abraham’s father and defender, Julian Garcia watches his son’s movements closely and she assures that he “is like that, affectionate and has good vibes” and that with Sofia “they are friends”. She also defends him in the face of the fights he has with his colleagues: “He is very quick but then he is very noble and has many friends,” she emphasizes.

Abraham goes out of his way for his people

The most tearful night for Abraham: first he gets excited when he wins the leader’s necklace and then in the palapa remembering his grandfather

Julián has instilled in his famous son the value of family. A few weeks ago, when he was receiving the prized leader’s necklace, the contestant broke down in the palapa remembering his family: “In the end you are here having a hard time… the efforts we make… I remember my family, my grandmother and my grandfather, who is in the residence. You know that in the end everything is a bit on the surface here…”, he said.

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