Rosa Belmonte: I Love Escassi

When I watch a series like ‘Boiling Point’ (Movistar Plus+), I think the amount of money you pay for the DiverXO menu is too little. 450 euros for the last Dabid Muñoz climb. Without wine. It will always be cheaper to indulge yourself from time to time. than the 50 or 60 euros of the usual mediocre and completely rubbish restaurants. What tension, what demand, so much “yes, chef!” like in ‘Full Metal Jacket’. It also happened in the first season of ‘The Bear’, even if they only made sandwiches. In the Carmy Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White) series they already warned that they were going behind. The reference of ‘Boiling Point’ is not ‘The Bear’ but ‘Hierve’ (Filmin), the film by Philip Barantini, which already had Stephen Graham (here producer) and which in the original is ‘Boiling Point’. And that came from a 2019 short of the same title also directed by Barantini and starring Graham. The film was translated, but not the series. Things happen. Man, if it had been a very successful film, the title would surely have been the same.

In ‘Boiling Point’ Graham has been in a state of collapse for some time and running the posh London restaurant that serves northern food (whatever that is) is Carly (Vinette Robinson), who also comes from the film. As is Hannah Walter (Emily), who is Graham’s real-life wife (the one who brings him his leftovers in the first episode, the only one I’ve seen). It’s funny when some investors ask for olives as an appetizer and, even though they serve them, it looks like they’ve ordered armadillo chops.

Sometimes I get fed up with cooking and plating (on TV shows or fiction), but if I catch the grill experts’ show, I stay. There are so many things you can do on a professional barbecue. And, well, if they put on a new police show and we don’t think it’s a worn-out genre, why would kitchens and restaurants be one? I’ll watch ‘Police with character’ on Calle 13 just as much as ‘The capture’ on Movistar Plus +. Although, what do you want, I’m waiting on Calle 13 for Mariska to come back with the new season of ‘Law and order: Special Victims Unit’. No matter how many series they release, it will still be the best.

What has been boiling is the Escassi affair. There was a lot of Begoña Gómez in the newspapers, but what people were talking about was Alvaro Muñoz Escassi. Television normalises things. All of them. And Escassi has certainly done more for trans women than the reckless laws. He went on ‘De viernes’ and said: “I see a woman. For me she is a woman.” “I don’t understand why everyone is talking about the fact that I had a consensual sexual relationship with a trans woman. The crime of all this is that I have been blackmailed.” This Iberian macho with glasses and blue eyes had his own flirtatious programme, ‘I love Escassi’. There were two groups of candidates on the Telecinco show, twenty-somethings and older. Today there would be some trans women. It is not a boiling point. I love Escassi.

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