The controversial move by Lara Dibildos in her clear position on the separation of Álvaro Muñoz Escassi and María José Suárez

The controversial move by Lara Dibildos in her clear position on the separation of Álvaro Muñoz Escassi and María José Suárez
The controversial move by Lara Dibildos in her clear position on the separation of Álvaro Muñoz Escassi and María José Suárez

Every summer, our gossip press gives us a breakup that becomes the topic of the summer season. Without a doubt, this year it has been the separation of Álvaro Muñoz Escassi (49 years old) and María José Suárez (49 years old). What at first seemed like a normal separation, has triggered in a whole media frenzywhere the spotlight is pointing squarely at its protagonists.

The rider broke his silence two days ago on ‘¡De Viernes!’, where he told in great detail that there was an “open relationship” between him and the model. Something that did not sit well with María José Suárez, who hours later categorically denied it on her social networks and assured that she was going to speak to tell her truth. “I’m going to do it because today I found out that he was in an open relationship. He knows perfectly well that that’s a lie. “What a disgraceful character!” she wrote in a comment on her social networks. The conflict is open between the two, and every step they take will be closely analyzed. Lara Dibildos, Escassi’s ex-partner, has tried to stay out of this conflict; however, it seems that she has made a move through her social networks.

The presenter left a very special comment on one of the rider’s latest posts, where he appeared alongside his eldest daughter Anna Barrachina.Handsome! I love you infinitely“, wrote Dibildos in a comment. Quickly, the flood of criticism was not long in coming from users on social networks, who have seen these words as a clear positioning in favor of the rider. The most daring have even gone so far as to point out that the actress still has feelings for him. “Lara will always be in love with him, that’s the truth, no matter what he says or who she dates,” one user said. Meanwhile, other Internet users did not hesitate to speak in favour of the actress and point out that they were just words of affection without any great importance. This controversial move has put Lara in the media spotlight. Will she break her silence publicly?

Maria Jose Suarez, outraged by the words of Alvaro Muñoz Escassi

That María José Suárez is about to break her silence is a fact. The former Miss Spain in 1996 is at her limit after Escassi’s words and wants to clarify the truth about her relationship with him. One of the things that would have bothered the presenter the most is that Escassi claimed that the relationship was going through a bad time in recent months. “I have an open relationship with María José. We’ve been together for six months, five months, four and a half months, I don’t know how much, because I don’t know when the problem startsI don’t know when the first time we broke up was, maybe it was a year ago when we broke up and we spent three days without talking to each other. And that’s going on ‘in crescendo’, so what happens is that there comes a point where I consider that I’m not with María José,” said the television personality.


According to what Luis Pliego revealed this weekend on ‘D Corazón’, this would have greatly outraged María José Suárez.He tells me there’s no open relationship or anything like that. In these 3 years of relationship she had never broken up with him, even though he says there were comings and goings,” said the director of Lecturas about how the model is feeling.

The emotional message from the son of Álvaro Muñoz Escassi

It was in the middle of Escassi’s controversial interview on the Telecinco programme when he revealed the emotional message he had received from one of the most important people in his life, his son Álvaro. The rider, like any proud father, shared the words he had received from his son. “I’m loving the way you’re talking and the calmness you have when you speak. I love you dad,” his 17-year-old son dedicated to him. There is no doubt that Álvaro Muñoz Escassi is finding great support in his family, especially in his son Álvaro -the fruit of his relationship with Lara Dibildos-, in these very complicated moments of his life. The next few days will be decisive in learning more details about the breakup of one of the most followed couples of recent years.

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