The bulls of La Palmosilla have been drawn for the first bullfight of San Fermin

The bulls of La Palmosilla have been drawn for the first bullfight of San Fermin
The bulls of La Palmosilla have been drawn for the first bullfight of San Fermin

The party has started in Pamplona with the Chupinazo, today is San Ferminand the bulls of The Palmosilla They opened the bull runs with a fairly clean race, only complicated by the foolishness of several young men who, inside the square, touched the bulls and prevented the bullfighters from collecting the two specimens that remained in the ring, creating extremely dangerous moments.

Although, in its short history (only three bullfights have been held in this arena), the bulls from Cadiz are ideal for San Fermin, -fast and noble in the streets, until today they had not left any wounded, and brave in the square-. In his Sanfermin debut in 2019, Luis David Adame cut the first of the eight ears that have been awarded to his bulls, the other seven were after the pandemic, in 2022, when Rafaelillo, with three, Manuel Escribano and Leo Valadez, with two each, had a real feast. Their prize, in addition to the grand entrance, was to repeat exactly the same poster in 2023, only this time the lack of strength was a handicap that blurred the good play of the bulls and the bullfighters shared six silences. The cattle ranch, in fact, at its presentation received the Carriquiri award for the bravest bull and in 2022 it was awarded as the best bullfight at the Pamplona Bull Fair.

Order of fight:

Once the bulls were in the corrals of the square, this morning they were drawn and put in the pens, thus leaving the order of the fight for this afternoon.

Those in charge of dealing with the The Palmosilla son Diego Urdiales, who in his six appearances in this ring, the first on July 8, 2008, has not yet touched a hair, Fernando Adrián, who will make his debut in Pamplona and intends to extend his streak of Puertas Grandes, has 25 in a row, and Borja Jiménez, who in his first and only Sanfermin performance, last year, left empty-handed. with the bulls of José Escolar.

Schedule and where to watch on TV

The bullfight will begin at 6:30 p.m. and can be seen live on the cameras of OneToro TVwhich will begin broadcasting half an hour before the start of the celebration.

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