Borja Jiménez pays with blood for his triumph with La Palmosilla

Borja Jiménez pays with blood for his triumph with La Palmosilla
Borja Jiménez pays with blood for his triumph with La Palmosilla

Borja Jimenez has paid with blood for his triumph in the first bullfight of the San Fermin Bull Fair. The Sevillian bullfighter arrived in Pamplona thrown out of the main gate in Madrid and was unable to leave through the gate of the bull run, as he had to be urgently transferred to the infirmary in Pamplona Square.

Jimenez He determinedly sought victory with the last of the afternoon of a Very uneven bullfight in La Palmosillaboth in behavior and presentation. There were two interesting bulls with options, but in general the bullfight was jousting of forceswas barely stung on the horse and did not take out the race and interest in the last third.

The catch of Borja Jimenez This happened when he was going in to kill the sixth of the afternoon, after a performance in which he managed to seduce the square with a bull that repeated and put its face in. The excessive acceleration of the bullfighter made the performance gradually lose interest. He failed with the sword at the first attempt and, in the second attempt, he received a blow a strong goring in the thighwhich could be seen perfectly in the bag.

The Pamplona bullring, so accommodating in these cases, has insistently asked for the two ears and the box presided over by Joseba Asirón (EH Bildu) He has conceded it without much sense. The performance did not deserve two ears and the goring, which we hope will be as little as possible, nor does it justify the excessive reward.

It was great Urdiales with the first of the afternoon. He lost the triumph with the sword against an animal from La Palmosilla with motor and class, especially in the last third. The Riojan bullfighter was very serious with the bull, with which he was able to achieve his first trophy in Pamplona, something that would have been more than deserved. He did not find himself with the fourth and was willing with a bull that he killed well, perhaps the best stab of the afternoon.

Fernando Adrian He has arrived very willing to Pamplona with several long passes to receive his first opponent. He tried everything with a classless chestnut that barely humiliated him and did not transmit anything. He also failed with the sword and all his effort was in vain.

He managed to cut an ear in the fifthwith a bull that has gradually grown and from which he has managed to get everything he had. The bull did not transmit and had a strange behavior, with an uneven charge. The debutant was very willing. Fernando Adrián, who had to lead the bullfight and guide the bull.


Six bulls from the La Palmosilla ranch: uneven in presentation and behaviour. The first bull was energetic and fixed, the second was lacklustre, the third had little class, the fourth was uninteresting, the fifth had uneven behaviour, and the sixth was classy.

Diego Urdiales: silence and silence.

Fernando Adrian: silence and ear.

Borja Jimenez silence and two ears.

This is how we reported on the first bullfight of the Pamplona Bull Fair live.

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Sixth bull: ‘Captain’ for Borja Jiménez

The last bull of the afternoon belongs to Borja Jimenezis called Captain and he is black with 630 kilos, the heaviest of the bullfight.

The bull has moved a lot during the first thirds, which Borja Jimenez He receives the blow on his knees almost in the centre of the ring. He did very well with the bull, which he managed to get involved in a very good series of right-handed passes.

He remains in the center of the ring, with the bull that gallops, charges and humbles with great greed. The bullfighter does not remove the muleta from his face, and he is ready for anything. He has repeated a second series with the right. The bull also has a lot of class with the left horn. The bullfighter has to give him some pause.

The bullfight has gone downhill, the bullfighter hastened a bit and has not been able to exploit all the bull’s potential. Borja Jimenez with several kneeling movements. The bull ends up seeking the boards.

Borja Jiménez was badly gored after going in for the kill for the second time. He made a half-thrust and the bull caught him in the thigh, a very bad goring.

The bullfighter held on in the ring while the man from La Palmosilla doubled over and, almost out of strength, was carried by his team to the infirmary with obvious signs of pain.

The public has asked for the two ears that the presidency has unnecessarily granted.

Two ears for Borja Jiménez, who will not be able to leave the ring on shoulders due to his transfer to the infirmary.


Fifth bull: ‘Funny’ for Fernando Adrián

The fifth of the afternoon of The Palmosilla He is one of the bulls that has made several laps of the ring during the morning run and seems to be walking around as well when he comes out into the ring. His name is Chistoso, he weighs 580 kilos and is black and mulatto.

Another bull that has not been punished excessively on the horse and that has not been used either.

The bull has offered Fernando Adrian to Daniel Azconathe bullfighter at the Pamplona bullring.

The bullfighter tries to do it in the middle, but the bull loses his grip. The bull lacks a bit of repetition, and lacks some transmission in his attacks.

The bull was better on the left, and little by little he improved during the faena. By insisting Fernando Adrian He has achieved a good task, changing hands and going further and further.

A faulty thrust will be enough to make the bull roll. Request from the public, who are eager for a triumph this afternoon.

One ear for Fernando Adrian on the fifth bull of the afternoon.


Fourth bull: ‘Scandalous’ for Diego Urdiales

The bull comes out of the snack in PamplonaIt is the fourth of the afternoon, named Scandalousblack fined 610 kilos. A bull that got out very loose from the first encounter with the horse and that has lost its hands.

A complicated bull that barely lowered its head in the first thirds. With the muleta he keeps his head high and loses his hands in the first stages. He has been willing. Diego Urdiales with this fourth of the afternoon and he killed very well on the first try, something that would have been better for him with his first bull.

A lot of coldness and another year that Urdiales leaves from Pamplona of emptiness.

Silence for Urdiales in the afternoon room.


Third bull: ‘Illustrated’ for Borja Jiménez

Borja Jiménez has gone to the bullpen gate to receive the bull. After the long kneeling he was able to offer a series of very tight chicuelinas. The bull is called Illustrated and weighs 505 kilos, the lightest of the bullfight.

Another bull that has been very well looked after on horseback, it has hardly been punished. The bull has moved with the banderillas, we will see its behaviour with the muleta.

Toast Borja Jimenez the bull in the middle of the Pamplona ring. He sat down on the stirrup, but the bull came out loose. He tries again at the start of a faena that aims to please from the first moment.

The bull lowers the charge on the right horn, but not in a clean manner. Borja Jiménez handled it very well, managing to get the bull on board, seeking rhythm and speed in the bullfight, which has no pause.

The bull came forward on the left horn and Borja Jiménez demanded the bull.

He gave a half-extended thrust and, although it took the bull a while to lie down, it was finally enough.

Silence for Borja Jiménez.


Second bull: ‘Papelón’ for Fernando Adrián

Receive the debutant in Pamplona on his knees with several long exchanges, with a certain coldness from the public. The bull is called Embarrassment and he is brown and weighs 595 kilos, although he doesn’t look it.

The bull is cared for on horseback, two light encounters. He goes to the quite Borja Jimenezbut the bull does not give in, although he was able to get a nice chicuelina out of him.

Has started Fernando Adrian The bullfight was very much in the middle, with a somewhat disjointed first round, because the bull barely lowered his head.

The bullfighter changes hands and tries to lead the bull, but the bull stops and comes out loose and unaware of the passes.

The bull has been gradually coming down, but the bullfighter has still managed to get a fairly meritorious series out of it with the right horn. He has had nothing more to do with this lackluster second of The Palmosilla.

He pricked the bull on the first attempt, but he landed a good stab on the second, causing the bull to roll.

Silence for the bullfighter and for the bull being dragged away.


First bull: Gallardio for Diego Urdiales

He First bull of the La Palmosilla bullfight It is a beautiful chestnut horse weighing 560 kilos, which was slow to approach the horse, somewhat loose. The bull also had a hard time coming to the second encounter. The bull did not push with interest.

Toast Diego Urdiales the bull to the public and also to the sky. Let’s see if the Riojan has luck in this new appointment in Pamplona, ​​because he has not had any luck in the Pamplona Bull Fair.

Starts Urdiales Taking the bull out to the middle with passes from below, first applause for the bullfighter. The bull has shown better behavior with the muleta, charges with more firmness and repeats.

He now tries with his left hand, the bull goes long and Urdiales finds the bull. The Riojan bullfighter did very well with his left hand, the bull has come up very high in this last third. He has found himself very comfortable with the bull.

He fails in his first attempt with the sword. He thrusts the sword in the second attempt, perhaps a little crossed. The bull does not fall and Urdiales has to use the descabello, where he also fails and is going to lose the triumph he had deserved.

Silence for Urdiales and applause for the bull as it is dragged away.


Mayor Asiron is booed

The bullring in Pamplona was completely full with a “sold out” sign and loud booing for the mayor of Pamplona, ​​Joseba Asirón.


La Palmosilla, a successful cattle farm in Pamplona

The La Palmosilla cattle ranch made its debut in Pamplona in 2019 and won the Carriquiri Trophy with ‘Tinajón’. In 2022 ‘Arrumbadito’, ‘Vinatero’, ‘Remilgado’, ‘Pueblerino’, ‘Memorable’ and ‘Sombrerito’ gave them the Feria del Toro award for the best bullfight. Last year, although they did not achieve those triumphs, they did fight a bull run with great physical fitness and very seriousness ahead.


The La Palmosilla bull run is very dangerous

This morning the running of the bulls at La Palmosilla was completed in just over 4 minutes, mainly because two of the bulls remained in the ring, circling, a very dangerous and risky situation. One person was injured by the goring of a bull. You can watch the entire running of the bulls here:


The two bullfighters who left Madrid on shoulders

This afternoon the only two matadors who have been carried out on shoulders at the San Isidro Fair will face each other: Borja Jiménez was declared the winner of the cycle, opening the Puerta Grande on June 7. Fernando Adrián did the same two days later, in the traditional Beneficencia bullfight.


Diego Urdiales returns to Pamplona to break the streak

The bullfighter from La Rioja returns to Pamplona after a year’s absence. It is not a bullring where he has a good record: he has fought on seven occasions and has never cut an ear.


Fernando Adrian, debutant in Pamplona

Primer debutante. Fernando Adrián is the first of the four bullfighters who will make their debut at the San Fermín Fair. He will do so eleven years after he took the alternative in Ávila, under the guidance of El Juli.

From ostracism to a great record. In his first eight seasons as a matador, Fernando Adrián fought only 8 bullfights. In 2021 he was proclaimed champion of the Chenel Cup of the Community of Madrid. Now he is the only bullfighter in the ranking who can boast of having carried out 3 consecutive bullfights on shoulders from Las Ventas: twice last year and once this season.


The bulls of La Palmosilla, in the Gas corrals

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