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MasterChef Celebrity is entering its final stretch with the five best chefs of the 2024 season. However, one of them will be one step away from the challenges on the way to victory, as today it will be announced who is the best chef. 16 of ‘the most famous kitchen’ removed.

The competition is getting tougher and the chefs who still have their aprons MasterChef Celebrity son:

  • Rossana Najera: The actress who has stood out for her skill with fresh ingredients to make preparations that are usually praised by the judges.
  • Ferka: The most competitive influencer in the MasterChef kitchen does not give up and in each challenge she surprises the judges with the mix of unusual flavors that perfectly describe her as a ‘sweet and spicy’ cook.
  • Litzy: The actress has stood out in almost the entire competition for using more professional techniques when making her dishes. Litzy has demonstrated a greater knowledge of ingredients and their preparations that can lead her to victory.
  • Me you:The athlete will not make it easy for his teammates, since he demonstrated that his competitive spirit is very great when he seeks victory.
  • ‘King Grupero’: The influencer stands out as a surprising competitor, as he has won challenges with praise from the judges, managing to blend in with the competitors. Will he continue using this strategy to reach the final?

Rossana Nájera is one of the top five contestants on Masterchef Celebrity. (Photo: Instagram masterchefmx).

Where to watch ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ 2024 in Mexico and what time does it start?

You can see MasterChef Celebrity at 8:00 p.m. (Central Mexico Time) through Aztec Oneas well as streaming on Max. Even on YouTube, where episode 16 of the ‘most famous cuisine’ will be broadcast.

As in every broadcast, the chefs will face a challenge of the day that surprising the judges can give them the direct pass to become one of the finalists of MasterChef; while the judges’ lower evaluations will determine who faces the dreaded elimination challenge with which we will meet the 16th eliminated from the competition.

Jawy and Ernesto faced off in the elimination challenge. (Photo: X MasterChef).

Eliminated: Who has already left ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ 2024?

Ernesto was the 15th eliminated MasterChef Celebrity and he was one step away from being one of the five best chefs of the season, but his performance in the elimination challenge left him at a disadvantage compared to his friend Jawy, who better mastered the technique expected by the jury made up of chefs Adrián Herrera, Zahie Téllez and Poncho Cadena.

Ernesto Cázares has also participated in productions such as Exatlon Mexicowhere he became the winner at just 18 years old, and in Enamorándonos. He also ventured into music as an urban genre singer.

By ‘the most famous kitchen‘All kinds of personalities have paraded and these are the ones expelled so far:

  1. Mario Sandoval (singer)
  2. Agustin Arana (actor)
  3. Camila Fernandez (singer)
  4. Fran Hevia (comedian)
  5. M’balia Marichal (singer)
  6. Sandra Itzel (actress)
  7. Itzel ‘Nurse’
  8. Itati Cantoral (actress)
  9. Rafa Balderrama (comedian)
  10. Raul Sandoval (singer and actor)
  11. Paco de Miguel (influencer)
  12. Natalia Subtil (model)
  13. Laura Bozzo (host)
  14. Harold Azuara (actor)
  15. Ernesto Cazares (influencer)

The 2024 season of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ has seen 15 contestants eliminated on the way to the grand finale. (Photo: Instagram / @masterchefmx).

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