The video that aroused suspicions on social media

“Why are there two sealed envelopes from Bautista? Another scam?“, they wrote on X, accompanied by a video in which two papers with the Uruguayan’s face can be seen, implying that he will be the winner of this edition.

Embed –

This post quickly went viral and began to anger fans.who did not hesitate to leave strong comments and demonstrate their discontent with the production’s decision.

It is that as it had been commentedthe one who was winning the telephone votes was Emmanuelso it does not match what was seen in the images.

Who got third place in Big Brother

In the middle of a very exciting night, Santiago del Moro He entered the house to tell the finalists who would get third place. of this edition.

With many mixed emotions, the host of the show announced that Nicolás obtained third place in the competition.

Minutes later, Santiago revealed that the 20-year-old received only 2% of positive votes from the publicwhich marks a strong parity between Emmanuel and Bautista.


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