What happened to the actor who played Dr. House? This is what the great Hugh Laurie looks like now

In the list of the great medical series in the history of television, fictions such as Grey’s Anatomy o Emergencies, but it would not be complete without Dr. House. The cynical specialist played by Hugh Laurie He is one of the most iconic characters of the 21st century, both in Spain and around the world, thanks to his personality and his strange but efficient methods, and he was seen on screen for eight years.

Gregory House became one of the most important characters Hugh Laurie’s entire career, who like the doctor he played, is not a conventional actor. The Briton, after starring in the medical series, continued in the world of acting, although he preferred to stay in the background with more secondary roles.

Hugh Laurie’s TV series and films after ‘Dr. House’

Hugh Laurie starred Dr. House during the eight years (2004-2012) that the series was on the air. Despite achieving success with fiction, with recognitions such as several Emmy Award nominations and even the Order of the British Empire, the actor went through a severe depression on set from the series due to the distance from his family, as he was in Los Angeles and his loved ones were in London.

Following the series finale in 2012, Hugh Laurie took a break three-year break. He returned in 2015 with two roles, both of which were of secondary importance: he played the Senator Tom James en Veep, the comedy series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and starred in the science fiction film Tomorrowland junto a George Clooney.

George Clooney and Hugh Laurie on the set of ‘Tomorrowland’ in Valencia.

Since then, Hugh Laurie has focused more on the world of miniseries, participating in projects such as The Night Manager, Catch-22, Avenue 5 in Max the Why don’t you ask Evans?, an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Agatha Christie that he created himself. The last time the actor could be seen was last year with Netflix, and The light you can’t see.

Despite not being as prolific in terms of acting in the last decade, Hugh Laurie has put another of his great passions, music. The actor of Dr. House He released two albums, one in 2011 and another in 2013, although he has not released any more songs since then. The British singer It is a true prodigy, since he plays the piano, guitar, drums, saxophone and harmonica.

Hugh Laurie in ‘The Light We Cannot See’

Where to watch ‘Dr. House’ in Spain

For those who want to enjoy Hugh Laurie again in the irreverent role of Dr. Housecan do so through up to four streaming platforms: The eight seasons of the series are available in the catalogs of Netflix y Amazon Prime Video, as well as in that of SkyShowtime and in the one of Movistar Plus+.

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