Abraham García thrills Laura Madrueño and Sandra Barneda in ‘Survivors: All Stars’

Abraham García is one of the contestants who is giving the most to talk about in ‘Supervivientes: All Stars’. The former champion of the 2014 edition has been one of the revelations for the most modern followers of the contest and has not left anyone indifferent. Being an ace in the tests, he has won the leader’s necklace on two occasions and has reaped the rewards, making him virtually unbeatable. Meanwhile, his character and his most recent confrontations have brought him into the spotlight of many.

Now, the passing of days has made the contestant Have a brutal learning experience in these 17 days of competition And after winning a reward, he couldn’t help but break down when confessing what he learned from this experience.


When he approached to enjoy the giant dog he did so excitedly and confessed to Laura Madrueño who he was thinking about: “I miss having my mother on one side and my father on the other.” because I haven’t seen them together for a long time because they don’t talk to each other.” A confession that has made him break down and that his father, on the set, remained silent and serious listening to his son.


“I had been feeling bad for a long time and I didn’t know what was wrong with me, and then, in the second week, I discovered that it was that. Sitting down with my parents, my sister, the four of us talking, smoothing out differences and being able to get closer“Abraham explained, moving Laura Madrueño. A reflection that made Sandra Barneda emotional and thanked him for opening up like that because “time is money, especially with the family,” so she made an appeal to all the families who get together to watch the program, and for everyone to get the most out of it because “you have to take advantage of it.”

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