The mullet is the most rejuvenating and easy-to-style haircut in summer

The mullet is the most rejuvenating and easy-to-style haircut in summer
The mullet is the most rejuvenating and easy-to-style haircut in summer

In summer we look for haircuts that make our lives easier. In addition to wanting to make the heat more bearable, if you are a person who frequents the beach or the pool you will know first-hand that long hair is a hindrance. Therefore, opting for Short haircuts that are easy to maintain and do not require much styling It’s all we need to stop worrying.

After years and years of bob and pixie haircuts reigning supreme, it seems that this year the mullet is once again gaining prominence in hair salons. Ursula Corbero She already dazzled us with this haircut in 2018, making us fall in love again with that 70s mane typical of the most androgynous artists. In 2024, the mullet is already a trend for women of all ages and styles.

If what you want this year is a groundbreaking and daring style If you want to look younger, then you should go for the mullet cut. Beyond the image you have of David Bowie or Bon Jovi in ​​the 80s, this haircut has been updated and reinvented so that you can show it off in a much more flattering, natural and youthful way. In addition, it has been fused with many other cuts so that you have the opportunity to choose the style that best suits you. We see!

Amber Valletta


What is this hair style? It is a casual, layered cut which gives a lot of volume to the hair. The hairdresser Olga G. San Bartolomé affirms that the layers are completely disconnected from the top of the head. Therefore, by being shorter on the top and sides and longer in the back area, an unstructured movement effect is achieved in the hair that looks very natural and fresh. Of course, we cannot overlook that The bangs are his distinctive featurewhether it is a flequillo baby bangsin curtain, short and straight or denser.

Mullet Woman

If you are looking for volume and are not afraid to try new styles, the mullet is for you. It is a haircut that gives a lot of personality. The best thing is that It adapts to all types of facesyou just have to adjust the number of layers and volume to the shape of your face. It looks especially good on round faces, but you can also adapt it to you if you have an elongated face by playing with the bangs and giving more volume to the sides.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you have the straight, wavy or curly hairThis type of cut allows you to play with different textures. The best thing about layers is that they hardly need any styling.The beauty of this type of cut is that it can be left natural and casual. A very trendy mane that will refine your features and make you look younger.


This summer, give yourself the opportunity to start it off with a good change of look. Your best option will always be a haircut that makes you look flattering, rejuvenated and modern. This is how some women have looked celebrities +50 with the mullet cut!


Nathalie Poza with shullet cut

A few months ago the actress appeared at the presentation of ‘La sociedad de la nieve’, with a very groundbreaking haircut. It is the shulleta charming combination of shag and mullet that we at CLARA magazine have chosen as the haircut of July. A particularly flattering cut on fine and wavy hair. She finished off the cut with curtain bangs that framed her face and a coppery color that softened her features. The good thing about this cut is that if you gather it up at the back you can also show off a gorgeous pixie cut.

Jessica Chastain
Ana Torroja


The singer opted for volume with a shaggy bob that was much more pronounced than Nathalie Poza’s. She achieved this by casually combing the top part and the fringe, thus creating that very flattering volumizing effect. In addition, she wore the long part of the cut straight to achieve a very elegant length. In her look we can see that highlights are a great bet for this type of haircut. Thanks to the movement that the mullet bringssome blonde touches achieve a beautiful effect with which it is granted luminosity to the face.

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