‘Being married wasn’t my thing’

‘Being married wasn’t my thing’
‘Being married wasn’t my thing’

In an Instagram video, Andrea Valdiri surprised her followers by showing the physical transformation she underwent after undergoing an exercise routine, which she complemented with a special diet that was designed for her so she could tone up and lose weight.

In this footage, he made a comparison of how he looked before starting training, revealing that he had a little flaccidity in the legs and some cellulite on the buttocksto show off her progress with a toned body and a marked abdomen.

The revelation also has a publicity purpose for her new project called Valdiri Fitness, so she explained to her more than 9 million followers that she had obtained her results thanks to a training plan that she is offering on her account.

“Thanks to this system I lost more than 20 kg. “I assure you that by practicing this system, your body will begin to transform in less than 21 days,” the post reads.

Andrea Valdiri would have been inspired by her separation from Saruma

Publication by Andrea Valdiri

Photo:Instagram; @andreavaldirisos

The influencer also posted a series of photographs from various moments in her life, in which she had a different physical appearance than how her followers have seen her, to give an example of how she progressively advanced in her transformation.

Additionally, she posted said photo reel in her stories showing one of the images of her marriage, thus making a reference between the figure and the union she had in 2022 with the content creator Felipe Saruma: “Baby, no, being married wasn’t my thing.”

In response to this, some of her followers left comments such as: “With Felipe/without Felipe”, “What self-love does when you love your process”, “Moral: marriage makes you fat and divorce makes you thin”, “Once again I confirm that love makes you fat. If you want to be thin you must be single” and “The bad hand definitely exists”.

It is worth noting that the dancer announced her separation from Saruma at the end of 2023, So many of his followers were watching the personalities to understand the reason for their separation, since the young man was greatly affected by the decision.

What is it like to be Mrs. Colombia?

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