What’s going on between Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva? A photo of the couple is leaked

Gabriel Soto e Irina Baeva Once again they are not at their best as a couple. Since the premiere of “Aventurera”, starring the Russian actress, her partner has not set foot in the Los Angeles salon, despite having assured days before that he would be there supporting her.

The workload that Soto, 49, has had has not been minor, he heads together with Cecilia Galliano the staging of “The Price of Fame,” which required 60 days of rehearsal, in addition, prior to his health crisis last weekend, Soto traveled to Miami and returned to Mexico.

For work reasons, and not for lack of love, it would be the reason why Soto has been the great absentee in “Aventurera”, in addition, the actor has been cautious with his statements about his girlfriend’s work, which has been criticized by many, to the point that Juan Osorio will present the “new Aventurera” in the next few hours.

Although it is not clear whether or not Irina will leave the “Aventurera” project, which includes the Peruvian Nicola Porcella, the truth is that the actress of soap operas such as “Muchacha italiana viene a casado”, “Soltero con hijas”, “Amor separado” and “La historia de Juana” has remained on the sidelines of multiple criticisms, only defending herself initially when Niurka made her first statements against Irina and her role as Elena Tejero.

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Although Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva have not been seen together recently, the couple reportedly appeared together in a recent zoom meeting talking about a project for their home in Monterrey, as revealed by content creator Poncho Pérez, who shared a short video provided by the Monterrey architect in charge of the work.

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Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto are still together despite the controversy.

In recent days, there has been talk that a romance between Gabriel Soto and his partner Cecilia Galliano could be brewing after some photos and videos of them together were circulated.

However, the producer of “The Price of Fame” assured that it was all a scam. mounting related precisely to the work of Gabriel and Cecilia; this is not the first time that the couple finds themselves in the middle of controversy, in the past there were strong versions of a distance between them, in addition to it being said that there was something more than a friendship between Gabriel and Sara Corrales.

The much-hyped wedding between Gabriel and Irina was postponed many times and now there is no talk of it, while on social media, there has been no trace of Irina on the actor’s Instagram since April, while she, on April 21, posted a photo with her partner on the occasion of his birthday.

Following Soto’s health crisis, which took him to the hospital, Irina has remained silent, and the statements of Geraldine Bazán, Gabriel’s ex-wife, are the ones circulating on social media.


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