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One of the strongest rivalries in the world of entertainment today is that between China Suárez and Wanda Nara. They have been fighting for years, but it is only now that we know the reason why they cannot stop their confrontation.

It is worth remembering that it all started with the famous Wandagate, where the former Casi Ángeles had an affair with Mauro Icardithe husband of the MasterChef host. At the time, it was the most talked about topic in Argentine showbiz.

But to this day, people are still talking about what happened, as neither of the two protagonists wants to explain in detail what happened. Eugenia remained silent and never touched on the subject, while the businesswoman gave very brief statements.

However, some journalists were able to investigate the issue and comment on why the media companies continue to fight, even though a long time has passed since the incident. They are still fighting until now.


The one in charge of revealing China’s reasons for attacking Wanda was Few of Gossipwhat did he say: “Wanda Nara accepted L-Gante’s forgiveness for having recorded a song with China Suárez, but the issue did not end there. Later, China retaliated and posted a story saying that if she were to speak…”.

And I add: “It’s not that China left the subject there. She goes and retorts. All to continue poking Wanda in a place where she clearly knows what bothers her.”. This clearly refers to the affair that Eugenia Suarez had with Mauro Icardi years ago.

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