Ángel de Brito took revenge and finished off Laura Ubfal: “Did you see how ugly?”

Written in SHOWS he 10/7/2024 · 19:56 hs

Angel de Brito He did not miss the opportunity to tease and hit hard Laura Ubfal after a piece of information that caused a stir. Many colleagues point out to the Intrusos panelist that she usually denies information that often, over time, ends up being confirmed.

Precisely, the one who usually suffers from it is the driver of LAMso he took revenge. Snatching Ubfal away, he said: “I love you very much, but they are contradicting you. Did you see how ugly it is? You love to contradict me. I still love you.”

Where does all this come from? Laura said that Juana Viale is going to join Public TV. He even stated that the reconstruction of the canal structure is already underway.

He added that it is an ambitious project, with more figures. But Nacho Viale He confronted him and clarified that his sister has a contract with Storby Labits producer. “This is fake or a lie or whatever you want to call it,” the producer commented.

And then he got to the point: “Laura Ubfal, we have to check. Not only do I not have the pleasure of knowing Len Cole, we don’t meet up, he doesn’t call us, or anything like that. What’s new is not new anymore. It’s fake.

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