‘Los 50’ premiere: schedule, list of contestants, how and where to see

‘Los 50’ premiere: schedule, list of contestants, how and where to see
‘Los 50’ premiere: schedule, list of contestants, how and where to see

A new reality comes to Telemundo.

After the intense finale of the second season of Top Chef VIP, the night of this Tuesday, July 18reaches the channels of Telemundo the premiere of one of his greatest promises in reality: the 50.

Through this new show, 50 celebrities will be isolated in a farm, where they must pass various physical tests to ensure their stay in the residence. The one in charge of the eliminatory challenges It will be the Lion, who will have the help of his minions, such as foxes and dogs, to carry out his tasks.

The victorious celebrity will return home with a grand prize of $350,000, although these will not be the only ones to win, because Viewers will also be able to place bets on their favorite celebrity, and if they make it to the finals, they can win a $50,000 reward.

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Premiere ‘The 50’: How and where to see

The great premiere of the first season of the 50 will take place this Tuesday night, July 18, sharp at 7:00 pm ET / 6:00 pm CT. It is expected that each episode last two hours, with daily transmissions from Monday to Friday.

The reality can be followed completely live through the television channels of Telemundo or if you prefer streaming, you can follow sign on Telemundo.com.

The 50s: Full Contestant List

A few hours to start, then We share the complete list with the 50 celebrities who will participate in this new reality.

  • manelyk gonzalez
  • Thali Garcia
  • isabella sierra
  • Salvador Zerboni
  • John Vidal
  • Lorenzo Mendez
  • Dania Mendez
  • Yulianna Peniche
  • jessica coch
  • lambda garcia
  • Allan Slim
  • Sebastian Caicedo
  • Luis “Potro” CaballeroRey Grupero
  • Fernando Lozada
  • Nicky Chavez
  • Juliet Grajales
  • Julia Gama
  • Ojani Noah
  • Daniela Alexis “Bebeshita”
  • Brandon Castaneda
  • Jose Ramos
  • Macky Gonzalez
  • Ana Parra
  • Ceci Ponce
  • isa castro
  • John Paul Plain
  • Raphael Nieves
  • Polo Monarrez
  • asaf torres
  • samira jalil
  • Daniela Tapia
  • Jessica Stonem, ‘La Diabla’
  • Aneudy Lara
  • Julio Ron
  • Beta Mejia
  • anahí izali
  • Glenda Pin
  • Shirley Arica Valle
  • kim shantal
  • Adriano Zendejas
  • Luis “El Suavecito”
  • Michelle Lando
  • Fernanda de la Mora
  • Douglas Castillo
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