San Agustín beach caught fire and 40 families had to be evacuated •

A fire of great magnitude occurred in the San Agustín beach during the early hours of this Saturday, when the gusts of Zonda wind They were felt strongly in Greater Mendoza. Around 40 families had to be evacuated. The column of smoke reached 400 meters, according to the Civil Defense report.

A call to the 911 line by the security personnel of a private neighborhood alerted about the fire on the east side of San Agustín Beach, around 3 in the morning. The situation became critical due to strong gusts of Zonda wind that hit the area and seem to be the cause of the fire.

Immediately, police personnel were mobilized to the scene and the assistance of the Capital Volunteer Fire Services was requested.

Once at the scene, firefighters reported that the fire spread in Sector 40, which belongs to the Mendoza Police. The extent of the fire is estimated at approximately 150 by 150 meters.

Due to challenging weather conditions, with changing gusts of Zonda wind, they requested additional resources, including backhoes and more water support. It was coordinated with Civil defense to provide the necessary assistance to the different firefighting units that are intervening in the situation.

The Road Police personnel who are in San Agustín Beach reported that the flames reached a property, while the firefighters indicated that it was necessary to evacuate the Alto Mendoza neighborhood, since the fire was approaching dangerously close to the area.

The column of smoke reached approximately 400 meters high and around 40 families were evacuated from nearby neighborhoods and to the Arena Aconcagua Stadium.

The situation involves San Agustín beach and the municipal beach, with two active fire outbreaks.

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