WRC manager in Chile asks criminals to pause after robbery

WRC manager in Chile asks criminals to pause after robbery
WRC manager in Chile asks criminals to pause after robbery

There are only 3 days left until the start of the eleventh date of the World Rally Championshipan event that will be held on national soil and that hopes to be a true motor sport festival for the second time that it will be run through the forest trails of the south of the country.

Under the name of Rally Chile BioBíothe best pilots in the category are already in national territory to fine-tune the last details and start the date that will begin in The Angels.

However, there was a incident that overshadowed the event days after its start, after they were stolen from Inacap in Talcahuano almost 75 million pesos in portable generators and fuel tools.

After this event, the general producer of the event on national soil, Felipe Hortaprovided details of how the robbery was carried out in Inacappointing out that “they broke the bars.”

“Indeed, there was a theft in a container with elements super useful for the development of competition. The truth is, it is a little sad that these types of things happen,” he indicated.

Finally, he sent a message to those who carried out the robbery and said that “I even want to ask the criminals Let them make a little hoop and go to the tip of the hill for a little whileso that they do not leave us in a bad position in the country.”

After the crime, the last details begin to be refined to begin the Rally Chile BioBíosecond date of WRC who visits the country after the brilliant day that took place in May 2019.


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